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DALI over Ethernet from Pharos

DALI over Ethernet from Pharos

Pharos RIO DPharos is introducing its latest RIO, providing distributed DALI control over an Ethernet network. The Pharos RIO D is a Power over Ethernet-based Remote Device, delivering the DALI protocol to where it is needed. Pharos LPCs can send DALI ballast configuration and control signals via multiple RIO Ds, each connected to a local DALI bus with up to 64 ballasts. RIO Ds acting in Slave mode listen to all commands on the local DALI bus and transmit them back over Ethernet to the lighting controller to be used as triggers for the Pharos system.

With the convenience of single-cable installation using PoE, drag-and-drop DALI patching and timeline programming in Designer software, the Pharos RIO D is a ground-breaking new solution for DALI installations.

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