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Daktronics Accommodates Unconventional Rigging Space and Time Requirements for Texas High School

Daktronics Accommodates Unconventional Rigging Space and Time Requirements for Texas High School

Lanier High School Austin TexasBROOKINGS, S.D. – September 18, 2012 – Daktronics (Nasdaq – DAKT) of Brookings, S.D., designed and manufactured 16 Vortek Classic hoists with E Series control system for the Lanier High School theatre renovation project in Austin, Texas.The project was completed with an unprecedented tunaround performance.

Originally the school purchased six custom (inverted) Classic hoists to be built and shipped in five working days. As the project progressed, the school added 10 units with hopes that all could ship at the same time. “Our team rolled up their sleeves and made it happen,” said Daktronics Production Supervisor Gerry Fryzowski. “Fortunately a lot of the parts in our theater hoists are standard and our dedicated hoist flow line gives us the ability to meet our customers’ requirements.”

“As with many renovation type projects, unforeseen issues were continually being discovered during construction, pushing the project behind schedule,” said Principal Consultant K. Alan Lewis, of the Encore Design Group. Daktronics worked with us to quickly find motorized rigging solutions for this unique and unconventional space. The submittal process, manufacturing, and installation was quick and was accommodating to the challenging project schedule; a relief to the design team and the owner.”

Architect Bryan Haywood of Page Southlerland Page, LLP, was also pleased with the quick turnaround for the hoists and control system. “Daktronics willingness to work directly with our design team cut weeks off of a very tight schedule and will ensure that the theatre will be fully functional on the first day of school.”

Five days after the order was submitted, the hoists with its E Series controller were shipped. “The campus can’t be happier about their new hoist system,” said Austin ISD Senior Project Manager Scott A. Rouse. “We have moved from the Dark Ages into the most current of stage rigging systems.”

According to Greg Pilewski, Daktronics sales representative, “The efficiency with which the factory produced the projects is to be commended. Though there were unique challenges to overcome, it’s great knowing I have the support of the talented and flexible engineering and manufacturing team to meet the expectations of everyone involved and ultimately to the delight of the Lanier High School staff.”

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