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Mount Pisgah UMC Uses Digital Projection TITAN Projectors to Take Visuals to New Heights with Recent Agape Concert

Almost 1,000 attendees participated in a night of worship and praise at Mount Pisgah's Agape Experience. Each year, Mount Pisgah provides the community with the contemporary choir concert, and each year the production grows in scale and presentation. This year proved to be the most exceptional show to date, as cutting-edge lighting and projection were used to enhance the experience.

Two 2008 Rental & Staging award-winning TITAN SX+ 500 projectors were inversely mounted, then controlled utilizing the TITAN's rotating keypad. One 12' circular screen and two 7.5' x 10' horizontal screens displayed custom graphics and commentary throughout the production. The circular screen was motorized, allowing the screen to disappear and reappear when appropriate to the presentation. Keith Frey, Director of Technical Ministries for Mount Pisgah, remarked, "the production's biggest challenge was discovering how we could project imagery onto suspended borderless screens without any bleed whatsoever. Thankfully, geometric alignment was made simple and quick due to the numerous adjustment abilities found in the TITAN's mechanical design." Due to the successful alignment, the "floating imagery" acted as a compelling visual accent to the production.

Concerning the decision to use TITANs as the precision display of choice, Frey stated, "Mount Pisgah likes to take advantage of all available technology, especially those products that allow us to push the envelope. With the TITAN SX+ 500 product, we were able to quickly and accurately align our images to borderless custom projection surfaces." Frey continued, "Our design intent for this year's AGAPE concert was to create the illusion of images floating above the on-stage action, and we were extremely pleased with the results. The TITAN stands alone in what it offers the customer and we are thankful Digital Projection provides a full solution to the projection market."

Steve Wood, Lead Pastor for Mount Pisgah, commented: "As a tool for enhancing worship, nothing compares to emerging technologies such as Digital Projection's TITAN projectors that help us share the gospel of Jesus Christ so vividly. Technological wineskins are the new stained glass that portray the witness of God at work in His people in ways that enable people to experience God in multi-sensory ways. The end result is simply fantastic!”

Due to the popularity of the Agape concert, Mount Pisgah is considering doubling their performance dates. Aside from the Agape production, Mount Pisgah also showcases national touring acts including Michael W. Smith, Steven Curtis Chapman and many more, as well as performing simulcasts, the popular North Atlanta Christmas Festival and choral concerts.

To download hi-resolution versions of the pictures below, use the following link: Digital Projection TITAN SX+ 500 projectorsDigital Projection TITAN SX+ 500s projectorsDigital Projection TITAN SX+ 500s projectors

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