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Custom FENCE Scissor Track for Tashkent

Custom FENCE Scissor Track for Tashkent

tashkent-scissor-track-opti.jpg Gerriets Installs Track System and Curtains for new Convention Center

Gerriets was chosen as stage equipment provider for the new convention center in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Gerriets, in close cooperation with SBS Buehnentechnik GmbH, Dresden, was responsible to provide all draperies and projection screens, the main curtain and a large FENCE scissor track system.

To equip the convention center with drapes and curtains, Gerriets used more than 12,000 yd2 (10.000 m2) of grey and black CLIVIA 600 stage velvet. The fabric is heavy-duty and has the quality that is necessary for curtains of exceptional height.

For the main hall, Gerriets provided an OPERA white projection screen, 85 ft x 44 ft (26 m x 13.50 m). Furthermore, Gerriets delivered 765 yd (700 running meter) of VARIO Dance and Design floor.

For the main stage, Gerriets manufactured a 121 ft (37 m) FENCE Scissor track system, one of the largest in the world. The track system moves the two-piece main curtain (each piece is 62 ft x 47 ft respective 19 m x 14,30 m) in the main hall. It is a custom manufactured track system with newly designed and stronger double “scissors”. The system allows to open and to close the folds of the curtain simultaneously across the entire width. Laterally-guided, rubber-coated ball bearing wheels enable the extremely quiet operation of the scissor track, even with a curtain load weight of more than one ton.

Gerriets installed all systems on-site. More than 656 ft (200 m) of the curtain had to be seamed on-site. One challenge was that due to the tight schedule, approx. 4500 people worked at the same time in the building. The other challenge was the short delivery time. From the placing of the order to the delivery, Gerriets had just five weeks to manufacture and install curtains and track systems. Gerriets was able to meet these demands because of the close and successful cooperation with SBS Buehnentechnik GmbH, Heikhaus AG and Planungsbuero Theapro.

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