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The Le Mark Group has committed to further develop their ‘custom brand ‘operation following numerous customer requests and will be showing this at LDI 2011.

“This service provides a highly cost effective and visually pleasing way to keep dealers and OEM's own corporate identity regularly on show through a range of consumable items used within the retail industry” commented Matt Every, Head of Export for the Le Mark Group.

The most popular products so far to see ‘own branding' have been industry stalwarts, Duct and Gaffer tapes.

“We took the opportunity to expand our ‘product finishing' department during the recent move to our all new and custom built factory in Cambridgeshire. This will give us greater ‘in-house' flexibility to handle and produce fully customized products, including the fast growing high visibility ‘neon' waterproof cloth tape. High visibility, premium super stick, all weather vinyl coated orange, green and yellow is definitely ‘the new black' “quoted Matt. “The real advantage to customers is that we can convert and pack to any width they require without having to order large volumes at one time. Clients choose the tape grade and or the colour they want, we agree an annual quantity and clients then ‘call off' as required – simple and easy.

Manchester, England based Flashlight Ltd. have become the most recent convert to custom cored own brand tapes. Flashlight's Director, Andy Dodd, commented “We pride ourselves on offering a professional range of products to the film, theatre, TV, video and photographic industries, Despite being still only a 7 year old company, we have built a strong reputation for quality right across the board. We are established already as a ‘serious player' within this industry; if we put or name on a product then it has to be right! We chose to co-brand using Le mark's well known Magtape® brand, aligning our selves to a known quality item and industry standard. We commissioned a design that shows our name and web address in corporate colours and looks very professional. Using own brand Gaffer tape is a highly effective form of company promotion, not just a ‘gimmick' but completely practical, totally usable and appreciated by our customers” For more information contact Matt Every: [email protected] or look at our web site

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