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CPF LogoSeptember is half over. The scope of work necesary from the Lighting Designer of the festival has shifted since the beginning of the preproduction process and the beginning of the blog.

The LD was always to be responsible for designing all 8 plays, creating a comprehensive look for the environmental design, and some looks for the musical acts. This scope has grown to a comprehensive music design, it was determined at our last full production meeting that I will be present at every sound check to create looks appropriate for that night's musical act. There will also be a small outdoor design, in that they would like logo projected on to the street and building facade to indicate to those walking to the event where they're going.

This has pushed some design decisions I didn't really want to have to go with. A moving light and console solution really need to happen by the end of this week. Something that will allow flexiblity in design of the musical acts and for the environmental design. This will push out much of the funding I have for theatre and is pushing the entire design aesthetic to a more minimalist place. Overall, I am ok with that, but it's still going to be hard to square the circle. More news after the production meeting this week.

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