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Creative Martin Visual Solutions for LDI 2009

Creative Martin Visual Solutions for LDI 2009

martin-mac-401-dual-low.jpgMartin Professional heads to LDI 2009 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida (November 20-22) armed with a rapidly expanding range of dynamic visual solutions. On display at booths 1763 + 1769 will be Martin's first LED moving heads, creative LED video solutions, and new LED luminaires for indoor and outdoor use. A new compact beam fixture in the MAC family will also feature. Also on display will be a host of lighting and video control solutions, as well as updates in the Jem and Magnum line of fog and haze machines. Martin will also be showing the new Martin RADARâ„¢, an innovative RDM communication protocol and information feedback system.

MAC 401 Dualâ„¢: The MAC 401 Dual is a creatively fresh and versatile LED moving head washlight with an innovative double-sided design that gives it flexible dual functionality, for example as a double washlight or beam reflective mirror. The 401 Dual's innovative color mixing system fully blends colors at the source before they leave each lens, eliminating the problem of rainbow shadows and the messy multi-color lens looks of traditional LED fixtures. The 401 Dual's advanced wash characteristics combine with a host of other useful features like fast zoom, new broad beam look and individual LED segment control to add a new and inventive element to a host of applications.

MAC 301 Washâ„¢: The MAC 301 Wash is an LED moving head washlight that features a powerfully fast zoom with an impressive zoom range. It is capable of producing a wide range of exceptional colors from rich saturated shades to uniform pastels through the entire zoom range. The fixture's 108 high-power LEDs produce a bright and well-defined beam and its compact, lightweight design makes it ideal for rental applications, television use, night-time venues and more. Appropriately quiet for noise sensitive environments, it offers all the reliability, energy and cost benefits of a highly efficient LED luminaire.

LC Plusâ„¢ Series: The LC Plus is a modular system of semi-transparent LED video panels with new generation technology that closely integrates light, video and set design for all new possibilities in indoor and outdoor staging. Designed for the demanding rental and staging market, yet equally suitable for fixed installations such as retail environments and outdoor architecture, the LC Plus is an easy-to-use, all-in-one video solution. It offers several key advantages over other types of LED panels including an innovative P3 technology platform for no-hassle processing and signal distribution, low weight, superior color and brightness uniformity, and true IP65 protection.

P3-100 System Controller: The LC Plus is driven by Martin's innovative P3-100 System Controller, an ultra robust unit for advanced video signal processing and integration with lighting control. It includes built in scaling and de-interlacing, supports multiple video protocols and resolutions, and allows for direct DMX control of brightness, color, pixelmapping and more. It also includes a built-in graphical user interface and other innovative features.

FlexDOTâ„¢: FlexDOT is a lightweight yet bright string of LED pixels that allows designers to break free from the flat, rectangular format of conventional LED displays and create customized video solutions with maximum artistic flexibility and a minimum of effort. Easy to handle and simple to use, FlexDOT is made up of individually controllable, intelligent, full color pixels mounted on a flexible cable to provide unlimited options for enhancing interior and exterior spaces.

Tripixâ„¢: Tripix are the first fixtures in a new Martin line of IP65 rated outdoor LED luminaries. These attractively designed striplights are the first architectural fixtures from Martin to use tricolor LEDs for superior color mixing directly at the lens resulting in an absence of color shadows and a broader range of color choices. The Tripix range also incorporates a new custom-designed lens system for very narrow beam angles that have been difficult to achieve with tricolor LED fixtures in the past. The Tripix range installs in minutes.

Easypixâ„¢: Easypix is a simple yet highly capable plug-and-play LED striplight designed to enhance interior spaces in a wide variety of applications. Built for ultimate ease-of-use with full spectrum RGB color mixing, a choice of diffuser lenses and an exceptionally easy means of installation, Martin Easypix is ideal for color enhancement in clubs, bars and restaurants or anywhere a low maintenance, decorative color effect is required.

MAC 250 Beamâ„¢: This new member of the industry's most popular 250 watt series is an extremely punchy and compact beam fixture that generates variably sized pencil beams as well as wash effects via a motorized frost filter. It is available as an easy and inexpensive upgrade that installs in only 5 minutes on any existing MAC 250 Washâ„¢ fixture.

Maxxyzâ„¢ Modules: Based on the modular design of the Maxxyz Compactâ„¢ lighting console, a new range of stand alone modules has been developed for the Maxxyz system that allows users to design their own console. These new modules allow for customization around the user and the specific control demands of a show. Five innovative modules are available to build a custom console or to be used with Maxxyz PCâ„¢, Maxxyzâ„¢ or Maxxyz Compactâ„¢ and all of them can be used table-top, mounted in a 19” rack system or in the new Maxxyz Module Frame.

iPhone MaxRemote: The iPhone MaxRemote is your personal assistant to remotely control lighting devices straight from an iPhone or iPod touch. It is the ultimate remote tool for the Martin Maxxyzâ„¢ lighting console and Maxxyz PCâ„¢ - the ideal tool for updating presets on stage. It features a beautiful user interface and original features.

Maxedia 4â„¢: This new version of Martin's Maxedia media server is optimized to play H.264 MOV encoded video files using a state-of-the-art H.264 video decoder. This latest broadcast hardware is capable of playing eight 1080p Full-HD video files, encoded in H.264. The Maxedia 4 engine is capable of playing pixel-accurate Full HD resolution.

ColorFox VX01â„¢: Martin's ColorFox VX01 is the first lighting controller specifically designed for architectural use with dynamic color changing fixtures. This incredibly simple control solution allows users to customize and personalize a variety of architectural lighting settings. It allows for easy playback of static and dynamic scenes and provides a simple-to-use interface for users to alter the hue, saturation and intensity of their surroundings.

Jem ZR44 Hi-Massâ„¢: The Jem ZR33 Hi-Massâ„¢ has undergone a thorough makeover that preserves its reputation as a reliable and highly efficient fogger. The new Jem ZR44 Hi-Mass features improvements in overall performance and fluid type, as well as advances in digital functionality such as RDM compatibility.

Martin RADARâ„¢: Martin Professional has teamed up with Wybron, Inc. to offer Martin RADARâ„¢, an innovative RDM communication protocol and information feedback system that gathers lighting fixture data remotely and sends it to operators for immediate attention. The RADAR real-time monitoring system lets users be proactive, foreseeing problems before a break down occurs for savings in time, hassle and money. It can directly increase return on investment by decreasing expensive down time and is a great benefit in connection with service planning.

Martin Professional

Founded in 1986 and headquartered in Aarhus, Denmark, Martin Professional is a world leader in the creation of dynamic lighting solutions for the entertainment, architectural, and commercial sectors. Martin lighting solutions are industry standard on top tours and events, grace prestigious theatres, energize nightclubs, and decorate major television studios around the globe. Other important areas of application are indoor and outdoor architecture and commercial applications where Martin products are increasingly being used to transform spaces through dynamic light. Martin also offers a range of advanced lighting controllers and media servers, as well as a complete line of smoke machines as a complement to intelligent lighting. The company operates the industry's most complete and capable distributor network with local partners in nearly 100 countries. For more information please visit

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