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Cooper Controls Presents LightProcessor and Cogent

LightProcessor and Cogent are presented by Cooper Controls to target the specific needs of specialist contractors for use in small installations where dimming, scene control, entertainment and mood lighting are combined with energy efficient LED lighting and control products.

The aim is to meet the needs of contractors who are seeking simple easy to install and commission robust quality lighting control products for small applications. These products are specifically targeted at the needs of small installations including refits such as restaurants, bars and retail applications. Venues can be enhanced through dimming and scene control providing mood lighting depending on the time of day or use.

The LightProcessor and Cogent brands provide an opportunity for contractors to present multi-use, energy efficient solutions directly to their clients where they may not previously have been considered.

Critically, Cooper Controls is seeking to enhance it's dealer / distribution partners and are offering attractive pricing that provides authorised contractors an opportunity to add value to their proposals both for their end users by using lighting to enhance their venue in an energy efficient way, opening areas up to multi-use and to the contractors themselves by providing useful additional revenue in the supply, install and commissioning of LightProcessor and Cogent products at attractive margins.

LightProcessor and Cogent further complement Cooper Controls existing lighting control brands iLight targeted at larger Architectural applications, and Zero88 targeted at entertainment and education applications.

For more information contact:

Peter Coles

Sales Manager

Cooper Controls

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