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coolux Media Systems LDI 2008 Show Preview

Visit coolux Media Systems at Booth # 3701

coolux at LDI 2008:

Sponsorship of Live Designâ„¢ Projection Master Classes

coolux International will be a key participant at LDI 2008, serving as a corporate sponsor for Live Designâ„¢ Projection Master Classes. Presented by Live Design, the official publication of LDI, the three master class sessions sponsored by coolux will explore the present and future of projection design and technology. Classes are scheduled for Oct. 21, 22, and 23 and target lighting and projection designers interested in the aesthetic and technical possibilities of today's immersive world of imagery. The first two series of Projection Master Classes, held at the LiveDesign Broadway Master Class in 2006 and 2007, attracted a standing-room-only crowd.

Full-Day Pandoras Box Training

At LDI 2008 coolux International's president Steve Gilbard, and several coolux trainers will host a full day of hands-on training, demonstrating how Pandoras Box and its powerful render engine enables real-time 3-D compositing and projection of images of any shape onto any surface. They will work with attendees in arranging video and images freely; changing the color, form, and position of images; synchronizing audio data; and animating 3-D objects such as logos and products. The class, scheduled from 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. on Oct. 21, is limited to 26 attendees. Information on registering for the training session is available at

Pandoras Box Media System 4.1 Software Release

At LDI 2008 coolux will present the newest release of its award-winning Pandoras Box (PB) Media Server software, version 4.1. New and enhanced features include the latest PB Warp Engine, video processing capability with field and frame blending, and new HD and SD deinterlacing options on the ultra-low-latency HD/SD-SDI input cards. All add to the PB system's robust feature set for live video playback.

Product Photo:

Pandoras Box Warp Engine

The Pandoras Box (PB) Warp Engine is a unique image-shaping tool that enables quick and accurate projection of complex objects to almost any shape and surface. The output from multiple PB servers can be adjusted for real-time compositing and reproduction onto any curved or non-planar screen. The simple adjustment of complex shapes via Bézier curves allows parallel curves and single-point editing. The various curves and editing points, as well as resolution, are easily modifiable to match even the most demanding structures, setting new industry standards in video playback capability.

Product Photo:

Pandoras Box Frame-Blending

Pandoras Box (PB) Frame-Blending allows the speed of video playback to be adjusted continuously in real time. To process slow-motion playback, new frames are calculated in real time to match the actual frame rate. This function is vital when playback speed must be matched to music or to track the motion of dynamic video scenery. Until now, frame-blending had been restricted to video with non-embedded audio. With PB Frame-Blending, this is no longer the case as audio is now handled in real time, as well.

Pandoras Box Deinterlacing Options

Pandoras Box's new HD and SD field-based deinterlacing function provides maximum resolution through computing and recalculating of all available fields. Unlike the conventional top- and bottom-field deinterlacing methods, all fields are recalculated and blended in real time, thus preserving all fields and frames without losing resolution. This function allows for smooth video playback on progressive displays.

All Pandoras Box Media System products now include the deinterlacing options for top-field, bottom-field, and full-field blending, giving users the right tools to react to various video needs on the fly.

Pandoras Box Widgets and Versatile Tools

Pandoras Box (PB) Widgets make a whole new set of control and connection possibilities a reality for coolux clients. The free downloadable widgets offer application-based tools for the integration of customized interfaces catering to client-specific needs.

The PB Widget Designer allows users to customize control panels for PB products. Buttons, faders, and more are created to control any function, including cues and sequences. Various designs and layouts can be saved and retrieved at any time. Using the PB Media Net network, PB users can implement and access multiple control panels.

The PB Widget Designer can be used either as a controller extension or as an optional input device for multimedia applications. It is a simple and effective tool for designing interfaces according to the specific needs of the customer — from simple presets to fully interactive touch screen control of PB devices — to minimize development and eliminate complex programming.

The PB Switcher is a preset-based playback interface for live shows and events. With eight submasters, each featuring eight individual presets and a fader, as well as go-buttons and programmable fade duration, the switcher allows for cues and presets to be recalled at any time. The switcher can be controlled via mouse or touch screen, and it can be installed on any number of PC systems running Windows® XP over the PB Media Net network.

The PB Widget Designer and Switcher, along with the SPARK and PB Automation tools, are available for download at

Product Photo:

Company Overview:

coolux Media Systems is a world-leading provider of award-winning solutions for real-time, on-location media control, compositing, editing, and 3-D image processing. Based in Köln, Germany, with its international office in Agoura Hills, Calif., coolux's Pandoras Box is preferred by customers around the globe in television/broadcast, touring/concert, performing arts, and architectural markets. coolux's pioneering technology has received numerous awards and accolades including a Primetime Emmy® Engineering Award. Additional information is available at

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