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coolux LDI Preview

coolux LDI Preview

Interactive Stagecoolux will demonstrate the latest Pandoras Box version 4.5 and the brand new Widget Designer PRO at LDI 2009 Booth #569

In addition, coolux will present an interactive stage show featuring innovative real-time screen tracking, as well as the world premiere of Lightforce and coolux's newest collaborative effort, the VLP-3D laser with video projection.

With over 50 new features, Pandoras Box version 4.5 now includes a new 3D projector preview system. One of the features, a new, built-in media encoder, speeds up the workflow and offers media encoding and playback for up to 4K video content.

A new, ultra-low latency dual HD-DVI live input board is being introduced as well.

The new Widget Designer PRO is stand-alone software that provides visual, node-based programming tools to create interactive applications with any Pandoras Box system.

Industrial sensors, Art-Net, Midi, RS 232/422, TCP, UDP, Com Ports, GPI, Wii controllers, https, RSS feeds, Text messages and many more can be routed and combined in a flash. The goal is to be able to design any interactive scenario on the fly.

Recent credits include the Broadway show "Memphis" and the European band "Mando Diao" where Pandoras Box and Widget Designer PRO were used to create unique screen designs.

Watch a preview video on YouTube.


Integrated Laser and Video Projection

Lightwave International will demonstrate the new Lightforce laser VLP-3D featuring synchronized laser and video rendering. Watch the preview on YouTube and the live demo at the Lightwave International booth 1751 at LDI.

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