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Congratulations To Richard Pilbrow

I'd like to offer my personal congratulations to Richard Pilbrow, winner of this year's Wally Russell Lifetime Achievement Award. There is no one more deserving! I met Richard over 20 years ago when I started worked with Pat MacKay in the old days of Theatre Crafts, Lighting Dimensions and the birth of LDI, and Richard was a staunch supporter of all.

This comment came in this morning: "My first meeting with Richard was in 1977, in Washington DC when he was demonstrating the British "LightBoard" control system, which of course, was the predecessor to the "Light Palette." Even at that time, Richard's contributions to the industry were large and measurable. His most recent work on A Tale of Two Cities only goes to show that his mind continues to work and grow brighter with experience. Certainly a mentor we can all admire and look up to." Tom Folsom, General Manager, Strand Lighting

Please send your comments and we can comprise a little tribute to Richard we can read at his Wally party at LDI..... feel free to comment here or email me at

Bravo, Richard!

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