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Compulite Releases V.3.18R01 Vector Software Update

Compulite has announced a new software update for their series of Vector lighting consoles.

V3.18R01 adds a number of new features and enhancements to Vector consoles, including:

  • A major GUI overhaul adding new and improved look and feel to the screen views
  • New look buttons with the ability to design and set up soft keys with custom fonts, colors, patterns and sizes
  • New dimmer operations of Single Dimmer Exam, Port swap and single dimmer display info on the command line
  • A unique feature to enable 200% for the Grand Master

Over 200 device profiles have been added or updated. All Vector consoles now offer support for ACN protocol, DMX output via Ethernet.

Full release notes and the software download are available at Compulite's website:

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