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Coming Soon to a CTI Dealer Near You: Lightwright 5

Coming Soon to a CTI Dealer Near You: Lightwright 5

lw-worksheet-reconciliation.jpg John McKernon's Lightwright 5 paperwork software (highly anticipated, as I know several folks who have been jabbering about it for a while) will be available later in the month, the most detailed overhaul to the software since the launch of version 4 in 2003.

Here are just a few of the new features planned for the mid-May launch:

- Lightwright/Vectorworks data exchange

- Complete History shows who made every change on the worksheet, and when.

- Worksheet Reconciliation uses history to show where two people's data disagrees and when the changes were made. It even gives suggestions.

- Any number of show files open at once: While this may seem trivial, to longtime Lightwright users, it's a big cause for celebration!

- Network Connectivity so users on a network can share worknotes and files.

lw5-wheel-window.jpg- Moving Light Wheel Design provides gives you a graphic picture of the wheel, with any number of holes, complete with indicator notches and rotating gears.

- Global Search on any data category.

- Color Swatches of all the colors from Apollo, GAM, Lee, and Rosco.

- Live Counts shows a running total of how many lights and accessories are in use.

- More User-Definable Columns, 18 in total

- Automatic Dimmer Load Balancing reassigns dimmers within each rack to balance the load across phases.

Lightwright 5 is available exclusively via the City Theatrical network of dealers.

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