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Colorful Wybron Nexeras Enhance Worship at Colo. Church

Colorful Wybron Nexeras Enhance Worship at Colo. Church

Nexeras at Woodmen Valley ChapelVibrant colors from Wybron's Nexera color-mixing luminaires enhance worship services at Woodmen Valley Chapel, a 6,000-member church in Colorado Springs, Colo.

Ten Nexeras, in both profile and wash models, paint the back of the church stage, including the fabric draped dramatically on either side of the main projection screen.

“It brings life to the stage. It enhances the senses,” says Mark Shrimplin, Woodmen Valley's director of technical arts.

The Nexera combines a powerful light fixture and CMY dichroic color changing in one unit. The Nexera's compact size and quiet convection-cooled operation make it popular among churches and small theatres.

Shrimplin likes the Nexera's smooth color changes. Having the colors morph seamlessly into one another helps the church's volunteer lighting crew, he says.

“These have been so much easier for our volunteers to be able to change the colors,” Shrimplin says.

The subtle changes create a more worshipful atmosphere.

“If it's a distraction, we don't use it,” Shrimplin says.

The Nexeras also provide quality light for the church's television cameras, he says.

For more information about the Nexera, visit To learn more about Woodmen Valley Chapel, visit


Wybron designs and manufactures innovative, practical and high-quality lighting equipment for some of the biggest entertainment productions in the world. Wybron remains committed to standardized two-way communication protocols that help users more easily manage their lighting rigs – sending valuable feedback from your lighting equipment to your laptop.

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