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COLORdash™ Accents Stagetex LED Packages

COLORdash™ Accents Stagetex LED Packages

stagetex-wedding-web.jpg CHESHIRE, U.K. – Event production and audio-visual hire company Stagetex has come up with a way to impress even the most demanding customers and remain highly efficient, by creating LED lighting packages composed of 50 COLORdashâ„¢ Accent wash lights. The sleek, stylish “birdies”, or small-scale PAR-style lights, are less than 174 mm (seven inches) and feature seven one-watt RGB LEDs. Their diminutive size help Stagetex save space and money and are perfect for their smaller-venue LED packages.

stagetex-band-2-web.jpg COLORdashâ„¢ Accent wash lights have near limitless capabilities and flawlessly perform at weddings and bands, on intimate stages or tiny rooms, or for washing conference sets at corporate events. Stagetex saw a return on their investment in only six months time—all 50 fit in “two tiny cases and save on van space.” An example of their great success is the concert tour for Texan band Midlake. Comprised of nearly a dozen strips, each studded COLORdashâ„¢ Accent fixtures, placed at the back of the stage created an intimate space for the indie-rock band where the colored lights shifted with the mood of the music.

stagetex-band-3-web.jpgCOLORdashâ„¢ Accent is amazingly powerful for being so tiny," said Peter Van Neste, director of Stagetex. “Everybody loves them and we employ them in many creative ways. Our favorite is back of the boom. We also map video across them—they keep up against MAC 2K. We use them for absolutely everything—best fixture for corporate events.”

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