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COLDPLAY Mystifies Crowds with Lasers

World renowned rock icons COLDPLAY have once again partnered with Strictly FX, to incorporate a stunning laser light show into their 2012 Mylo Xyloto World Tour.

ORLANDO, Fla., May 1, 2012 - Strictly FX; one of the world's premiere laser and special effects companies is no stranger to working alongside some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry. So when notorious rock group COLDPLAY went to decide who would incorporate a laser light show for them on their Mylo Xyloto world tour, Strictly FX was the clear choice.

The COLDPLAY Mylo Xyloto tour is just finishing a huge show for the BRIT Awards in the UK, which still has fans talking. And as Strictly FX journeys along for the ride with COLDPLAY on the massive 2012 World Tour, the team has brought six of their high powered Arctos Lasers with them, which were specifically programmed to dance alongside the colorful graffiti- clad production that COLDPLAY has in store for their fans.

The gear used on the road includes four 34-watt RGBY Arctos diode lasers, and two 32-watt RGBY Arctos diode lasers. The programming for such a show is no easy task, and the team at Strictly FX decided to go with long time partner Pangolin Laser Systems for the job. Strictly FX programmed the show using seven Pangolin LD2000/BEYOND systems, including one LD2000 PRO system all ran via the Pangolin network. Pangolin was a clear choice for Strictly FX, as their systems are extremely powerful for such high profile events, producing fantastic colors and wonderful beams, while still being easy to use. And Pangolin controllers have time and time again been proven to be the most reliable in the laser industry for big show scenarios.

Strictly FX is one piece of the puzzle that makes up COLDPLAY's massive world tour. And their team has really come together to produce a laser light show which has a truly unique overall look. The high powered lasers create compliments of stunning color, which perfectly balance the ambient nature of COLDPLAY's musical talent.

Strictly FX's unique programming style using Pangolin, combined with their versatile high wattage laser projectors from Arctos, have come together to produce a show that is sure to amaze. Each laser is capable of such a vast variety of colors, from the pinks to the blues, that they truly capture the essence and feeling of the show. And these lasers' high wattage allows for them not to get lost in the brightness of the lighting and the video screens, really making the lasers stand out from all of the other lighting being used. Thus, each lasers create a massive blanket of colored light that stretches across the entire arena and really captures the fan's imaginations.

In addition, the Mylo Xyloto tour is continuing to use Strictly FX's massive specialty UV confetti cue, which has become a staple at every Coldplay show. Select stadium dates contain a giant pyro opener and finale, creating huge exclamation points to the beginning and ending to the show.

Check out a video of the recent Coldplay show for the 2012 BRITT Awards

About Strictly FX

Strictly FX is a live special effects company founded in 1996 by industry veterans Mark Grega and Ted Maccabee. The company was started on the principles of utmost client satisfaction and the creation of the most entertaining shows possible. Utilizing a full team of special effects designers and an in-house art department, they've captured numerous industry awards, including the Parnelli Pyro Company of the Year in 2007, 2009, 2010 and 2011. With over 500 live shows performed a year, if you've been to a concert or caught a sporting event, there's a good chance you've seen seen some of our exciting work!

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About Pangolin Laser Systems

Since 1986, Pangolin has amassed over 16,000 clients in 63 countries firmly positioning themselves as the world leader; providing software and hardware solutions to the laser display industry. The company, with offices in the USA, Central Europe, and Mainland China, has received more than 20 awards for technical achievement and product quality, and their laser software has contributed to more than 350 Artistic Awards for its users. Pangolin has products being used by some of the largest events, companies, and brands currently known, including major theme parks such as Disney World, SeaWorld, Universal Studios, and Six Flags; major motion picture companies such as 20th Century Fox and DreamWorks pictures; high-tech companies such as PC Magazine, Boeing, and Lawrence Livermore Labs; popular brands such as Mountain Dew, T-Mobile, and Motorola; major sports teams and events such as the Orlando Magic, Philadelphia Eagles, and Super Bowl XLIV; and top-named musical talent including Madonna, Drake, Usher, Metallica, the Black Eyed Peas, Jennifer Lopez, Shakira, Jean Michel Jarre, Justin Timberlake and many others.

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