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Coemar Infinitys, Parlite LEDS Light 'Em Lucky For Premios Juventud Youth Awards '09

Coemar Infinitys, Parlite LEDS Light 'Em Lucky For Premios Juventud Youth Awards '09

PremioMusic, dance, movies, fashion, sports...Coemar lights, like Hispanic youth, have always been on the pulse of it all. This time, it was for Univision's 6th annual Premios Juventud Youth Awards, broadcast live July 16th at BankUnited Center at University of Miami's Coral Gables campus.

The votes were in online, as Infinity Wash S, Spot S, Wash XL, ACL, and Coemar ParLite Led lights bestowed billowy brilliance upon the glamorous goings-on at the 8,000-seat, 25-suite spread.

The show's lighting designer Carlos Colina needed potent fixtures to combat the show's design, which was based around a clear plexiglass set piece afront abundant video. David Ayala was employed to handle all the movers. This was the first time the team used the S-spot and S-wash's, and they definitely impressed with their power. They often had to reign in their output, which is impressive for a 300 watt fixture.

John Daniels, the shows Lighting Director, also felt that the Coemar fixtures did a great job cutting through all of the video elements. The team didn't have to compromise video quality to see the movers, and the ACL's rock!

Thus, ParLite Leds were employed, as well as Infinity Wash Ss (which parlay a nice beam, wide aperture). Aside from camera candy, they also doubled as backs and sides for the musicians. Infinity Spot S lights were solely used for camera candy, up in the air, shooting back for wide shots.

The Infinity Wash XLs were used for the dancers and band members onstage, which included over 75 dancers in 18 musicals, as well as to light the audience for awards presentations and any ballyhoos thereof. (Daniels contends that the audience must be lit well with all the reverse shots used to pick up winners.)

And, because of all the dead space encountered shooting in 180 degrees, Infinity ACL's were set to fill the air completely, and enlisted to light some of the musical performances being set on stage.

Coemar's ParLite Led luminaire, ideal digital substitute of the analog par can, is the world's # 1 truss toner. It offers variable light projection angles via quick lens change (standard: 12 degrees, optional: 30, 13 x 40, 110 degrees).

The Coemar Infinity Wash S moving head is brighter than a 575 W fixture, in a package half the size. It offers an amazing zoom range from 24 down to 4 degrees, and moon-flower aerial effect (Patent Pending).

The Infinity Spot S features CMY color mixing, a CTO filter and 3 rotating prisms. A proportional zoom of 9 to 35 degrees is also on hand.

Boasting superior brightness, the Infinity Wash XL light has an effects wheel for creating texture and aerial effects with wash light (Patent Pending). The XL also affords various lens options (zoom kit 6 to 36 degrees for extra brightness, PC lens for ACL type beam).

Finally, Coemar's Infinity ACL comes complete with a focusable black-light, variable beam size, variable beam control with rotating aerial effects, and split color beam effects.

Grande, intenso, distinguido! Show after show, Colina is mesmerized with what Coemar ParLite Led and Infinity lights can do to establish a winner. Furthermore, he is delighted with the Infinity ACL, calling it an absolutely incredible unit that imparts amazing air-fill for a 300 W fixture!

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