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Clay Paky on “Layali Febrayer” in Kuwait

Clay Paky on “Layali Febrayer” in Kuwait

hala-tv-q8-lores03.JPGLayali Febrayer is Kuwait's famous music and poetry festival and is considered one of the biggest concerts and festivals to take place in the Gulf, bringing some of the most creative and exciting artists, singers, writers and intellectuals to Kuwait from all over the Arab world.

The 2010 event was televised by Alwatan Television Network in Kuwait beginning February 4 and running Thursday and Friday nights for 3 weeks and streamed live on the Internet.

ACT Lighting Design of Brussels, Belgium was responsible for set design, lighting design, and content design. Koert Vermeulen was Principal Lighting Designer, working alongside Lighting Designer Thomas Boets. Marcos Vinals was Set Designer and Content Art Director, and Joris Corthout was Content Designer.

hala-tv-q8-lores02.JPGVermeulen was creative in his use of colourful action over the stage, using over 160 Clay Paky Alpha Series fixtures, including 60 Alpha Spot HPE 1200, 62 Alpha Wash 1200, 20 Alpha Beam 300 and 20 Alpha Beam 1500. “The Alpha's are optically so superior, I really like them for television,” said Vermeulen, “and the Alpha Beam 1500 and 300 series are unique fixtures and a very welcome addition to the palette of the LD.”

Lighting was supplied by Al Raisi Group (ARG), responsible for lighting, sound, video and set construction. ARG Managing Director Diaa Shehadeh as ACT's main contact as well as Technical Producer of the show.

The lineup represented the best talent in the Arab world Bashar Al Shatti, Miami Band, Mohamed Hamaki, Myriam Fares, Fadil Shakir, Shirine Abdul Wahhab, Abdullah Rueishid, Abu Baker Salem, Asalah, Nabil Sheil, Yara, Hussein Al Jasmi, Wael Kafoury, Angham, Aseel Abu Baker, Ahlam, Asmaa Al Mnawar, Muhammad Abdo, and for the first time in years the famous Algerian singer Warda.

hala-tv-q8-lores01.JPGThe show also featured an awards ceremony, with trophies presented for Al-Watan TV's best male and best female TV anchors, best director, best program, and the station's staff behind the music festival coverage. The winners were chosen by public votes on the TV station's website. shows the performance of the popular Myriam Fares sharing the stage with a sea of beams from the Clay Paky fixtures overhead. Additional video clips can be found in abundance on the Internet by searching ”Layali Febrayer 2010”.

Full Equipment list:

60 x CP Alpha Spot HPE 1200

62 x CP Alpha Wash 1200

20 x Alpha Beam 300

20 x Alpha Beam 1500

250 panels (50x50cm) of IGNITION FZ SC20 LED screen (20mm pitch); 196 panels (50x50cm) of IGNITION FZ SC31 LED screen (31mm pitch); 2 x grandMA Consoles; 4 x grandMA video media servers; Arri Fresnels and ETC S4's for Key & audience lighting; 462 x LED Video tubes 1m (16 pixels per meter

For more information about the Alpha series and other Clay Paky products, visit

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