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City Theatrical SHoW DMX® To Be Distributed By ETC

City Theatrical SHoW DMX® To Be Distributed By ETC

The SHoW DMX Neo FamilyCity Theatrical is pleased to announce a new partnership with Electronic Theatre Controls in which ETC will distribute City Theatrical’s full line of SHoW DMX Neo® wireless DMX control products, allowing ETC’s customers around the world easy access to wireless DMX for entertainment and architectural lighting applications.

ETC is recognized around the world as the leader in entertainment lighting and control products. City Theatrical specializes in unique lighting accessories and has developed and marketed hundreds of accessories related to ETC products over the last 20 years, and the two companies have enjoyed a close working relationship during that time.

SHoW BabyETC’s customers will find SHoW DMX Neo wireless DMX systems useful in a wide range of lighting applications such as schools, civic auditoriums, houses of worship, cruise ships, museums, exterior architectural applications, and anywhere else DMX data is needed but the cost or difficulty of installing data cable is high. In some venues, such as historic buildings, wireless DMX is the only way to get DMX data to new high tech LED lighting equipment that requires DMX at the location of the fixture.

City Theatrical has been a leader in the development of wireless DMX for over a decade and SHoW DMX products are found on nearly every Broadway show and West End show and tour, as well as on major music tours like the U2 360 Degree tour, permanent architectural installations, and on major events like the London Olympics.

SHoW DMX TransceiverThe SHoW DMX Neo family offers a range of wireless DMX solutions from the simple plug and play SHoW DMX SHoW Baby® to the professional grade SHoW DMX Neo and the outdoor SHoW DMX Vero™ and Vero Net™.

SHoW DMX Neo features the extremely high data fidelity that the multi-award winning SHoW DMX is famous for, as well as incredibly fast 7ms latency, ensuring that wired and wireless DMX sources will appear exactly the same. All SHoW DMX Neo products feature the ability to optimize control of output power, full or limited bandwidth broadcast, and the ability to broadcast less than the full DMX packet to shrink the radio footprint. For the users who do not want to manually optimize their broadcast, SHoW DMX Neo products also have Neo Adaptive Mode that will select only open radio channels to broadcast on with no user intervention needed. All SHoW DMX Neo products will also “heal” lost data packets.

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