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Cirque du Soleil Costumes Exhibit And Book

Cirque du Soleil Costumes Exhibit And Book

As part of the year-long 25th anniversary celebration of Cirque du Soleil, the Artisans du Rêve—Cirque du Soleil Costumes exhibit looks at how characters are created through costume. Visitors are invited to explore the arts of millinery, dyeing, costume-making, lace-making and shoe-making and learn about the roles and experiences of Cirque's craftspeople through words and images. Runs through October 12, 2009 at the Musée d'art contemporain in Baie-Saint-Paul, Canada.

As a tribute to the contribution, passion, and know-how of the costume designers and craftspeople at Cirque du Soleil, the company also plans to publish a book in several languages featuring the costumes of its shows. This book is an overview of the quarter-century of Cirque du Soleil history, celebrated through the heritage of the costumes from the 25 shows created over the past 25 years, and is scheduled to be published this fall.

(Image from "O", costume by Dominique Lemieux)


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