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Chroma-Q Lighting Adds Punch to Casino Nightclub

Chroma-Q Lighting Adds Punch to Casino Nightclub

color_punch_nightclub_pic1.jpgNorth American entertainment lighting specialists, Complete Production Systems, Inc. (CPS) has supplied Chroma-Qâ„¢ Color Punchâ„¢ LED fixtures to a leading casino resort for their exclusive show nightclub. Part of the casino's extensive entertainment facilities, the venue features a stylish design reminiscent of the hippest clubs in L.A. and New York. It is also equipped with state of the art lighting and sound systems to cater for the diverse range of musical acts, comedians, amateur nights, karaoke and fashion shows hosted by the venue.

CPS was approached by the casino to provide a new concert stage lighting system for the circular club. With its pie-shaped stage area being located directly behind the service bar and just 12 feet below a curved soffit, the venue presented a number of technical challenges for CPS. They needed a lighting rig that would use very little power and be unobtrusive in the confined space, yet have a very high light output. In addition, the rig needed to provide different focal lengths for the various stage areas, have the capability of servicing a different act every night with minimal change to the fixtures or programming, and need very little maintenance.

CPS demoed various LED fixtures before specifying a lighting rig consisting entirely of Chroma-Q Color Punch fixtures, due to it providing the best all-round feature set and price point for this particular project. Bill Pierson, President of CPS, commented: “The design, quality, reliability and functionality of the Color Punch makes it our choice in the ‘best bang for the buck' category.”

To overcome a very low soffit above the downstage area and provide the correct position for the fixtures, CPS designed a truss that matched the curve of the stage arc and flew it in front of the soffit. The hung rig features Color Punch fixtures with 40° beam dispersion to provide a broad wash of the entire stage area and 20° units used as specials to highlight separate performers, musicians and backing artists. In addition, a trapezoidal pipe grid hung over the onstage area features 20° units that can be used as washlights or specials on any area of the performance space.

Bill Pierson, President of Complete Production Systems, Inc., commented: “We utilize the Color Punch fixture in almost every event we do as a lighting company. They are appreciated by our clients in the theater and music businesses, and are a staple in our rental stock. The fixture allowed us to overcome the many challenges that were presented by the room's stage, the facility personnel requirements, and the time constraints. When they're all on in a single color you feel as if you are walking through a pool of liquid color that envelops you. It gives the impression that you could grab handfuls or buckets full of color to carry off the stage.”

The Color Punch fixtures were supplied by Chroma-Q North American distributor, A.C. Lighting Inc. Bill commented: “CPS has maintained a long relationship with A.C. Lighting Inc. We were given 30 days to design, order, manufacture and install the entire project. Without the co-operation of the staff at A.C. Lighting Inc. we would never have been able to meet the tight deadlines that were given to us by the client. They were instrumental in all phases of the project and were like having a personal assistant to call on.”

Photo: The O zone, Odawa Casino Resort, Michigan.

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