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Check out the Theatrical Lighting Database

I ran into LD Beverly Emmons at USITT, and she was very excited about the Theatrical Lighting Database, which is now online at a site hosted by the New York Public Library, in conjunction with The Lighting Archive. The idea of the database is to provide access to original lighting documents, including actual plots, focus charts, cue sheets and much more. So far there is information from four landmark productions digitized from the collections of the New York Public Library:

A Chorus Line

Tharon Musser, Lighting Designer

Opened on Broadway September 1975

Fall River Legend

Thomas Skelton, Lighting Designer

ABT, 1991 season at the Metropolitan Opera


Jules Fisher, Lighting Designer

Opened on Broadway April 1968

Sunday in the Park with George

Richard Nelson, Lighting Designer

Opened on Broadway 1984

Hopefully this is just the beginning a great online database—and an essential archive for the lighting industry.

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