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Chauvet's New MVP™ Series Video Panels And Q-Wash™ 260-LED

Chauvet's New MVP™ Series Video Panels And Q-Wash™ 260-LED

chauvet.jpg SUNRISE, Fla. – CHAUVET® announces the release of four new products launched at infoComm11 in Orlando, FL. The launch included an all-new series of modular video panels, or MVPâ„¢ Series, and the Q-Washâ„¢ 260-LED. Additionally, the portable and extremely popular WELLâ„¢, or Wireless Event LED Luminaire, was featured.

The MVPâ„¢ series debuted with three panels, aptly named by their pixel pitch: MVPâ„¢37.5 [link:], MVPâ„¢18 [link:] and MVPâ„¢12 [link:]. All three panels employ tri-colored SMD LEDs, which provide better resolution and wider viewing angles, and include Neutrik® powerCON® and etherCON® power and data connectors. The semi-transparent panels feature a breathable, flow-through design well suited for temporary outdoor installations. All three panels measure 23.62 inches by 23.62 inches (600 millimeters by 600 millimeters). Additionally, all three modular video panels share the same mounting hardware and can connect to form a single wall of mixed resolutions. This offers great flexibility for a designer to access several different pixel pitches within one interlocked wall of panels.

“We are incredibly excited about the release of the MVPâ„¢ Series,” said CHAUVET® Business Development Manager for Production/Contractor, Dwight Slamp. “All of the clients I met with at the show were extremely surprised when they saw how easy and fast it was to use the mounting hardware on all of the panels. They found it to be much easier and cleaner than the competition.”

Q-Washâ„¢ 260-LED is a fast and compact LED moving head that serves as an effective wash light and mid-air beam effect fixture. It is extremely bright and can punch through almost any environment with 37 high-power RGB LEDs and a narrow 6-degree beam angle.

WELLâ„¢, Wireless Event LED Luminaire

The WELLâ„¢ is a wireless LED luminaire specifically designed as a self-contained uplight. Powering each WELLâ„¢ wash light are 12, 3W tri-color LEDs powered by a 12V battery which provides up to 12 hours of continuous operation. The convenient road case also serves as a charger for all six units. Simply plug it in and charge all the units simultaneously. For control, standard DMX ports are available, as well as a pre-installed Wireless Solution W-DMX receiver.

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