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CHAUVET® Sets the Color for Puerto Rico Idol

CHAUVET® Sets the Color for Puerto Rico Idol

pr-idol-1898.jpg San Juan, Puerto Rico—Ten CHAUVET® Professional SparkliteLEDâ„¢ Drape backdrops set the tone for color on the elaborate stage of the very popular Puerto Rico Idol show, which airs every Sunday on WAPA-TV.

Experienced lighting designer David Ayala used the drapes as background for the large stage and as the base for his design. “With these drapes I have managed to build the most important layer of my design for the television set,” Ayala said. “The drapes were my base for color and furthermore, they played an important role in the scenography.”

pr-idol-1939.jpg Fully controllable and expandable, one SparkliteLEDâ„¢ Drape measures 20-foot by 13-foot and holds 128 tri-colored RGB LEDs fitted into eight distinct controllable zones for amazing star-field effects. Ayala placed five drapes on each side of the center stage housing a big projection screen. All together, the five SparkliteLEDâ„¢ Drape backdrops on each side formed an LED field of 20 feet in height and 65 feet—or almost 22 yards—in length, equipped with 640 LEDs—or 1,280 LEDs in total, from all 10 drapes.

pr-idol-1923.jpg“Working for Puerto Rico Idol has been a tremendous experience for me,” Ayala said. “For this show I have worked from the very beginning, since it was just in the concept stages. I was the designer and director of lighting and I have also programmed the lights with the video crew.”

Ayala controlled the color, strobing and brightness in each zone of the drape, creating original designs focused on red, blue, cyan or combinations of red and yellow, blue and green, or cyan and blue.

“I am very excited because we have confirmed a second season for Puerto Rico Idol and I know I can count again on the SparkliteLEDâ„¢ Drape, and on other CHAUVET® Professional products,” Ayala said.

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