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CHAUVET® Professional Shows ArKaos Kling-Net Compatible Fixtures at LDI 2012

CHAUVET® Professional Shows ArKaos Kling-Net Compatible Fixtures at LDI 2012

nexus-4×4-pr.jpg CHAUVET® Professional, a leading manufacturer of professional lighting, will show ArKaos Kling-Net compatible fixtures at LDI 2012, in an arresting visual display comprised of four large booths ( 2056, 2263, 2351, and 2357). CHAUVET® Professional employs ArKaos Kling-Net protocol for its CHAUVET® Professional ÉPIX™ Strip fixture, used to dramatic effect throughout its display. Additionally, CHAUVET® Professional will debut a new fixture called CHAUVET® Professional Nexus™ 4x4, which is controllable via ArKaos Kling-Net protocol as well as Art-Net and DMX. CHAUVET® Professional Nexus™ 4x4 will enthrall attendees of this year’s LDI with its striking look that combines new technology with a retro flair.

CHAUVET® Professional ÉPIX™ Strip is a one-pixel wide strip light, designed for video and pixel-mapping applications with countless layout options. By allowing the automatic configuration of real-time video data, Kling-Net removes the complexity of setting up standard LED displays and thus speeds and eases the process. Its 40 tri-colored SMD LEDs receive power and real-time data directly from the ÉPIX™ Drive 640 via an RJ45 connection. ÉPIX™ Drive 640 can automatically configure up to 16 units for rapidly composing a large pixel-mapping video system.

CHAUVET® Professional Nexus™ 4x4 is both a bold eye-candy and a tour-ready wash light capable of delivering at once the sizzle of a pixel-mapping display and a robust light output afforded by 16 20-watt RGB COB LEDs. The combination of COB emitters and a clever reflector yields a striking, diffused light richly drenched in saturated hues. Nexus™ 4x4 features interlocking hardware to build large arrays. Whether in use for front viewing or as a backdrop, Nexus™ 4x4 promises a hard-to-match visual impact.

About CHAUVET® Professional

CHAUVET® Professional offers innovative professional lighting fixtures for the production and touring market as well as permanent installation in theaters, hospitality venues, cruise ships, clubs, television and architainment applications. For more information, please visit


CHAUVET®, headquartered in the U.S., is a leading manufacturer of professional luminaires fulfilling the needs of various industry sectors. CHAUVET® has four main sub-brands CHAUVET® DJ, CHAUVET® Professional, ILUMINARC® and TRUSST® that share the unified strategy to pursue every market segment where it has a competitive advantage in terms of value, innovation and performance, with an emphasis on LED technology. For more information, please visit

About Kling-Net

ArKaos Kling-Net is a unique protocol designed specifically to allow the distribution of real-time video data to remote display devices, like LEDs or LED panels, over Ethernet.

Kling-Net can transform the simplest of LED devices into an intelligent Kling-Net device that can talk to, and be controlled by, a Media Server. Auto configuration of devices upon start up dispenses with the need for complicated set up procedures. The Media Server can then read and change parameters from the device. This makes the whole process extremely fast and easy and minimizes the potential for mistakes.

The high level of technical knowledge traditionally associated with controlling and networking LED lighting is no longer necessary. Kling-Net removes this complexity and replaces it with a simple to use protocol which opens it up even to basic and first-time users. Less technical and less expensive, Kling-Net brings LED lighting within the reach of even small clubs and venues by making it easy, economical and fun.

For more information on ArKaos Kling-Net, media servers and video software, visit the ArKaos website at or email

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