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CHAUVET® Professional Lights Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber

CHAUVET® Professional Lights Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber

chauvet-jingle-ball-1-web.jpg LOS ANGELES, Calif. — CHAUVET® Professional Nexus™ 4x4 wash lights flawlessly performed next to top singers such as Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber during the two-day Jingle Ball concert produced by KIIS-FM radio station at the Nokia Theater. As preeminent fixtures in the show, 16 Nexus™ 4x4 bold, eye-candy wash lights accompanied artists like OneRepublic, Ne-Yo, Ellie Goulding, Jonas Brothers, Ke$ha, Sammy Adams, Flo Rida and more.

chauvet-jingle-ball-2-web.jpg “It was a turntable stage, which rotated back and forth,” said Todd Roberts, owner of Visions Lighting, a premier lighting, staging, video and production company that provided the fixtures. “Normally we would have turntable walls, but instead we built a truss arch over the center of the turntable and we mounted eight Nexus™ 4x4 fixtures on each side, thus becoming predominant lights. ”Every time the table rotated, there was a Nexus™ 4x4 light behind the artist. Visions Lighting’s Brandon Dunning was the house lighting designer for the show, and part of the team that came up with the successful design.

chauvet-jingle-1a-web.jpg Lighting Director for OneRepublic Erik Parker recognized the great performance of the Nexus™ 4x4 on stage. "These panels allow for great versatility with their bright RGB LEDs and the pixel-mapping capabilities,” Parker said. “Nexus™ 4x4 is an awesome fixture with tons of options for uses."

Echoing Parker’s comment, Roberts said he simply loved Nexus™ 4x4. “I like that it is capable of pixel mapping and the fact that it’s not just an effect light. I think it features great output and superior lenses, and it’s powerful enough to get creative and use it in different ways.”

Photo credit Gilbert Baghramian.

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