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CHAUVET® Professional COLORadoâ„¢ Helps Revive Miami Amphitheater

CHAUVET® Professional COLORadoâ„¢ Helps Revive Miami Amphitheater

banyan-bowl-large.jpgMIAMI, Fla. - CHAUVET®, a leading manufacturer of professional lighting, announces 20 COLORadoâ„¢ 1 IP wash lights were permanently installed in Banyan Bowl amphitheater as part of a significant renovation. Lighting Designer Steve Welsh of Miami Stagecraft specified the installation of the CHAUVET® fixtures to illuminate the stage.

Banyan Bowl, located in historical Pinecrest Gardens, is a 531 seat, open-air amphitheater housed under a geodesic dome. The venue now features a new stage, state-of-the-art sound and ventilation systems, and permanent stage and dome lighting—all part of an effort to bring cultural programming and entertainment back to the Miami-Dade County community.

All 20 COLORadoâ„¢ 1 IP fixtures are mounted to the section of the geodesic dome which directly covers the 22-by-22 foot stage in direct contact with the environment.

“Miami Stagecraft is very familiar with the COLORadoâ„¢ line and this installation needed fixtures that were IP rated since Banyan Bowl is an open-air amphitheater and the weather in South Florida can be very harsh,” Welsh said. “The durability and color-mixing capabilities of the COLORadoâ„¢ 1 IP seemed to fit the bill nicely.”

banyan-bowl-sp.jpgWelsh also wanted fixtures that included RGBW LEDs. Banyan Bowl offers movies, concerts and theatrical performances and Welsh wanted to achieve broad washes, color or white light depending on the event.

Welsh said the only problem he ran into with this installation was inaccessibility. Banyan Bowl is located in Pinecrest Gardens—an almost 14-acre botanical garden that contains more than four acres of native forested wetland, Snapper Creek and over 1,000 varieties of rare tropical and exotic plants. Welsh found trying to get fixtures and installation equipment out to the venue without disrupting the delicate surroundings to be an endeavor.

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