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CHAUVET® LEDs Transform California Casino

CHAUVET® LEDs Transform California Casino

feather-falls-front.jpgOROVILLE, Ca. – A dated showroom at a tribe-owned casino in northern California is transformed into an upscale, 50,000-square-foot microbrewery and entertainment venue with 45 CHAUVET® fixtures.

Formerly known as the Cascade Showroom, Feather Falls Casino Brewing Co., a rustic yet elegant facility located at Feather Falls Casino, features 36 COLORadoâ„¢ 1-Tri Tour and eight LED PAR 38 Tri-B wash lights. A Data Streamâ„¢ 4, a DMX-512 optical splitter, was also installed to provide more efficiency for fixture control.

Designed by architect Randy Brown of MBA Architecture & Interior Design, Feather Falls Casino Brewing Co. is adorned with elaborate copper and silver finishes to complement a backdrop of enormous stainless-steel brewing tanks. Lighting designer Matt Jones, of Eccentric Enterprise, Inc., was commissioned to design and install the venue's LED and digital lighting systems. He carefully selected fixtures based on name, durability, brightness and saturation. In addition to the lighting systems, Jones also designed the elevated stage, rigging and audio system.feather-falls-closeup.jpg

“This is a flashy, bi-level venue and we really wanted the stage to pop,” Jones said. “I chose tri-colored fixtures because colors are seen as they truly are and RGB shadows are non-existent. The digital lighting system made it easier to implement our original designs of cool, rich scenes and flashy, electric looks.”

feather-falls-side.jpgThe new, cutting-edge stage hosts live musicians from all genres as well as various types of entertainment acts. To wow audiences, Jones positioned an aluminum truss grid upstage and suspended a 40-foot truss with toners in the front of the house. Although this has been one of his favorite projects, Jones said he faced some challenges during this installation.

“The roof upstage could not bear any weight and a there was a structural support column that made the design process very difficult,” Jones said. “Every day you're faced with obstacles and it depends how creative you are at getting around them without the audience knowing.”

Jones' early interest in theater is what made him the exceptional designer he is today. At 14, he began acting in community-theater productions and would experiment in the lighting field by taking part in their “tech days” of loading in shows. In 1995, he started Eccentric Enterprise and began providing his specialized technical skills to local productions and events of every kind.

Gear List

COLORadoâ„¢ 1-Tri Tour

LED PAR 38 Tri-B

Data Streamâ„¢ 44

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