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CHAUVET® Alights Welsh Solar-Powered Theatre

CHAUVET® Alights Welsh Solar-Powered Theatre

chauvet-theatrbrycheiniog-1.jpgBRECON, Wales – CHAUVET® COLORadoâ„¢ Batten 72 Tour linear wash lights have been installed in Theatr Brycheiniog, the first solar-powered theatre in Wales. The fixtures were specified by Stage Electrics, a supplier of stage lighting and audio equipment for the entertainment industry, with nine locations across the U.K.

Twenty COLORadoâ„¢ Batten 72 Tour fixtures were added to the theatre's lighting rig for a multitude of applications, such as front, side, cyc and overhead lighting. The LED-fitted fixtures joined the existing rig of half LED, half-incandescent lighting sources.chauvet-theatrbrycheiniog-2.jpg

“The challenge has been for lighting designers to adopt different fixtures,” Geraint Thomas, technical manager for Theatr Brycheiniog, said of the use of LEDs in a theatrical setting. “As new lighting designers come here, we first go over the equipment to prepare them to go from incandescent to LEDs.”

chauvet-theatrbrycheiniog-3.jpgThe use of LEDs has made a marked improvement in regards to power consumption and heat generation. LEDs have helped to create a cooler environment for the actors on stage reduced the theatre's overall expenditures.

“We need to accept LEDs as a standard as well as an investment,” Thomas said. “LEDs draw far less power and won't need to be replaced for ages.”

Theatr Brycheiniog, which opened in 1997, says it is committed to finding ways of reducing its carbon footprint which dovetails the Green Thinkingâ„¢ initiative of CHAUVET®.

Another recent green initiative is the installation on its roof of photovoltaic cells, which convert solar radiation into direct current electricity.

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