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Chameleon Touring Lights Brisbane Festival with LumenRadio

Chameleon Touring Lights Brisbane Festival with LumenRadio

To celebrate Australia’s annual 30-night Brisbane Festival last fall, 3000 square metres of brilliant lighting, visible for over 10 kilometres, lit up downtown Brisbane’s business district. Sponsored by Santos GLNG City of Lights and designed by John Rayment, the festival’s spectacular lighting was provided and installed by Chameleon Touring Systems of Sydney and Brisbane.

The challenging urban venue of three skyscrapers, a 20x50-metre floating barge, and a freeway overpass constituted three distinct lighting and control domains. Eighteen Panther 7k searchlights blazed from the city’s tallest buildings. The barge and freeway systems featured 18 additional searchlights, and 210 moving lights.

A LumenRadio system, recommended and supplied to Chameleon by TMB, distributed control data wirelessly to all lighting elements of the event. A lighting controller located on the barge linked to four Dual Universe RDM Transmitters broadcasting to eight LumenRadio Outdoor Slim Receivers controlling the moving lights. An additional universe in the wireless system controlled Syncrolites under the freeway overpass. FOH wireless was also transmitted 339 metres to a Single Universe Outdoor Flex atop the Brisbane Square building. A Dual Universe RDM Transmitter then relayed the signals another 288 metres to two RDM Indoor Receivers located in the Casino Towers and Mineral House buildings.

“LumenRadio Systems were perfect for this complex event,” says Chameleon’s Project Manager Brian O’Conner. “This was our first crack at this gig, so it had to be right, first time and every time. During two weeks of setup and programming, plus four show weeks, LumenRadio always performed flawlessly. To say the clients were pleased is an understatement. LumenRadio exceeded our expectations, and by extension, preserved our 24-year reputation for excellence.”

Chameleon’s Managing Director Tony Davies remarks, “LumenRadio is so simple to use, even our guys in Queensland could figure it out! Seriously, given the many challenges associated with cityscape lighting on this scale, our guys did a remarkable job – and so did LumenRadio.”

Chameleon Touring has supplied equipment and services for live entertainment, theatre, film, television, and special events since 1988. For more information about Chameleon Touring Systems visit

Find out about John Rayment at TMB is the exclusive distributor for LumenRadio in North America and UK. For more information, visit Learn about other exciting products from TMB at lumenradiologo-rgb-whitebg.jpgimg_4627-2080713054-o.jpg

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