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CES Opens This Week

CES Opens This Week

Unless you're dead above your techie neck, you know that CES, The Consumer Electronics Show, opened this week in Las Vegas amid speculation that it would be a quieter show than in years past. Anyone out there attending?

While I'm not there personally, I'm still flooded with news about new products. Here's just a couple that have piqued my interest. While not specifically products geared for the entertainment technology pro, there's a little consumer techie mentality in all of us:


Sanyo's tiny PLC-XW60 projector

Size matters? Well then how about the world's smallest and lightest XGA LCD projector from Sanyo, the PLC-XW60, It's 3.6lbs and has automatic keystone correction, automatic input signal detection, an adjustable color mode for projecting on different surface colors, and an easy-off function. Sanyo says it can project an 100" image from over 9' away.


MAGIX Video Pro X

MAGIX, a multimedia software company, has upgraded its pro video editing software solution, Video Pro X, as well as launched Mufin, a music recommendation technology that finds similar sounding music to whatever you choose (great for those of us who have given up on trying to discover good music on the radio any more...I know what I like already!) Check it out here. The company is also previewing Movie Edit Pro 15 for consumer video editing.

Okay, so that's only two I found cool today. Hey, I'm only visiting CES virtually.

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