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Catch Me Of You Can - Live Blog Chapter 2: "Show me everything please."

Today David Rockwell arrived, and we planned to show him all the content and cueing we had structured thus far. Intimate... Private... A little critique... A little love.

And then the grand assemblage occurred. As will often happen when full stage video screens are fired up, people began to take notice. Many people. And they seem to get excited and come running. Thus it was that our intimate little design review quickly became a full scale dog and pony show for all the Producers, the Composer, Librettist, Director, and all assorted and sundry. Just the way to make an aspiring Broadway designer feel secure and confident !

Despite my misgivings, things went swimmingly. Although we have not yet begun the process of laying in the automated physical masking layers, the scenic content still played well 'naked' on the screens ! I don't recommend this if you don't have a programmer with ice in his blood, and I am blessed with that. Sean Cagney slammed content and cueing, making scaling adjustments and fades on the fly. Thus the great gathering was able to witness a proxy of the show.

And then the reactions...

Thankfully it was universally positive. The graphic style is really playing very well, and where we have gone to stylized moments it looked clean, theatrical, and beautiful. It doesn't always go that way, but we came through unscathed, perhaps even flying high. Don't want to scotch the deal though. We have a long way to go...

Tomorrow we begin dry tech, sorting through and programming automation, scaling and moving imagery, and getting our first real look at the total picture.

Stay tuned...

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