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Talking with Colin Waters from TMB, the results are in from the LDI WET Bass Fishing Tournament sponsored by Wybron, ETC, and TMB. Forty-five anglers met at 5 AM at the Peabody Hotel to fish at South Port Park on West Lake Toho. The results are as follows:

Winning teams are...

First place: Marshall Bissett (TMB) and Tom Pincu (Moodie Pincu Assoc.), 21.01 lbs.

Second place: Jacques Tanguay and Robert Belanger (Show Distribution, Monteal), 20.6 lbs.

Third place: Larry Lieberman (Vision Quest Lighting) and Steve Hoffman (GAM), 19.6 lbs.

Results of the Big Fish Pool...

First place ($1000): Marshall Bissett, 10.8 lbs.

Second place: Todd Reemtsa, 10.5 lbs.

Third place: Larry Lieberman, 7.2 lbs.

This is the second consecutive victory for Marshall, even after the loss of a five-pounder that jumped out of the boat and into the lake. "The fishing guide was devastated over the incident, ready to take up golf for a career!" said teammate Tom Pincu.. "I didn't cheat," says Marshall, "I just practice hard all year."

Congrats to all the winners and participants.

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