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CAST Software Releases Vivien2011

CAST Software Releases Vivien2011

outdoor-tent-evening.jpgCAST Software Ltd. of Toronto, Canada, makers of award-winning wysiwyg, BlackBox and BlackTrax, have announced the latest release of Vivien - the most comprehensive event planning software tool for event and meeting professionals.

As a promotional special, wysiwyg Users can bundle Vivien onto their existing wysiwyg dongle for just 999 USD – a savings of 1251 USD!

Apart from doing the layouts and making lists of things to order, what are the most commonly recited problems encountered by the professionals who arrange large meetings and special events? First, selling the concept and getting client approval, and then being able to deliver what the client expected (as this leads to repeat business and referrals). Then getting the project team to understand the vision - to see what they are expected to deliver - and keeping them focused and being able to communicate changes and updates to them efficiently.

They say a picture is worth 1000 words. Go beyond 2D floor plans ... Using Vivien's tools and wizards make your ideas come to life in our colourful 3D Virtual Views. Impress your clients by creating a virtual model of your event and instead of simply using a floor plan, sell your vision from all angles of the room, and produce colourful images that everyone can see and understand - before their event happens! With Vivien on your side, you build your reputation and increase your professionalism.

And if a picture is worth 1000 words, then what's a video worth? Use Vivien's video tools to capture your walk-through of your virtual event – without leaving your desk! See a sample at

As easy as playing a video game, using Vivien, with the new mouse from 3Dconnexion, you can “Start here” and produce a walking tour and commentary as you move inside the Virtual View of your event for your client. Make it easy for your client to picture themselves in the event you designed for them. Point out your customizing to the client's specs. Show them the benefit of upgrading. Make notes for the project team. They can download it like you do a video via the Internet

Vivien's Feature List - developed for the busy professional

• Venues: Create from scratch or use Vivien's venue templates (room, theatre, and tents)

• Drawing tools: Use 2D and 3D tools to create virtually any object

• Views: See your drawing from any angle in 3D colour or outline format

• Seating Wizard: Add tables and chairs and quickly resize the seating area

• Projection Wizard: Add screens and projectors, calculate throw distance and determine lens requirements

• Pipe and Drape Wizard: Drag and drop to create drapes, instantly add colour and texture

• Truss Wizard: Select from predefined types of truss or create your own in seconds

• Light Tool: Focus lights, add colour, add gobos

• Time of Day Simulation lets you choose the date, time of day, and sky condition (cloudy or clear)

so your Virtual View instantly adjusts, and that means you can be ready for anything

• Perform live fly-throughs of your virtual event using a 3Dconnexion mouse. Using a 3Dconnexion

mouse you can walk, spin and fly around your event in all Six Degrees of Freedom

• Searchable Library Browser: Choose from approximately 1000s of 3D objects to click and drop into your drawing (chairs, tables, staging, decor, banquet, people, tents, AV, etc.)

• Texture Pack: Choose from 1000s of textures to apply to almost every element in your drawing

• Materials: Instantly give almost all objects a veneer of wood, metal, glass or plastic, etc. in varying degrees of transparency and sheen

• Layouts: Create custom proposals containing 2D/3D/Virtual View images, renderings, spreadsheet details, company logos, etc.

• Printing: Print layouts to .pdf format

• Event Resources: Track inventory and event resources dynamically in an Excel-type spreadsheet. With 100+ formulas, expressive cell formatting and advanced SmartCell control, managing your event has never been easier!

• File output: Save layouts as .bmp/.jpg format, save drawings as .dxf/.dwg/.bmp/.jpg format, export and save Event Resources info to Excel

• File importing: Import existing floor plans (.bmp/.jpg), 2D/3D CAD drawings (.dwg/.dxf), and Google SketchUp files (.skp)

• Use CamStudio for capturing a walk-through video, right in Vivien's Virtual View

• File compatibility: Open Vivien files with wysiwyg (and vice versa)

Vivien Library

Vivien certifies all additions to its Library are completely accurate and fully reliable. The Library, which grows with every new Release, comprises several-1000 tables & chairs, place settings, linens & drapery, people, musical instruments, lights, gobos, etc. from all regions of the world, making it the only solution for truly international professionals. There are even Vivien people included.

Vivien's Library also contains an extensive electronic catalogue of the hottest new manufacturer items from brands like CORT Event Furnishings, Fantastic Backdrops, and Rose Brand fabrics. Vivien's partnership with various manufactures means you have instant access to key information about the newest, hottest items such as item codes, dimensions, color variations and more!

Our discipline and frequent additions means we deliver reality so your work can be really virtually real!

For a demonstration of Vivien, visit CAST during Prolight + Sound in Frankfurt, Germany, 6-9 April, in Hall 9.0 Stand D70.

For information online about Vivien, visit

CAST Software Ltd., 35 Ripley Avenue, Suite 1, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M6S 3P2. Tel: +1 416 597 2278. Fax: +1 416 597 9594. Email: [email protected]

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