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CAST Software Has New Products and New Demos for Prolight + Sound

blacktrax-web.jpgCAST Software (Toronto, Canada) is planning for an exciting Prolight + Sound in Frankfurt, Germany, 6-9 April, in Hall 9.0 Stand D70 with three new products and a truly innovative demonstration.

The PLASA Innovation Award-winning BlackTrax will be shown full speed ahead with a clever display whereby the entire CAST booth will serve as a stage to show the full capabilities of the system. BlackTrax is a revolutionary hardware motion tracking system for streaming positional data for people and objects in realtime. BlackTrax is designed to work either on a standalone basis, for the coordination of lighting, sound or other position-sensitive moving objects, or with CAST's game-changing BlackBox system of multi-directional high-speed control coordination.

To fully demonstrate the communications power of BlackBox, CAST invited Entertainment Motion Control Systems Manufacturer - Niscon Inc. and Rigging Systems Manufacturer - Hoist UK to bring a 3D performer flying system to the stand. The Raynok Motion Control System has been connected to BlackBox since its inception and in the past, you've seen the concept in the virtual world. Now experience the abilities of BlackBox LIVE!

castemoticon.jpgThroughout the day the Raynok 3D system will manoeuvre a bowling ball, disguised as our favourite emoticon, above the crowd while BlackBox tracks the flight path with a moving light. Then once each hour we'll provide a full motion demonstration to show the speed and quality of the BlackBox communications. The finale of the demonstration will be to set BlackTrax to work and engage it to follow a live performer as they move about the stand, along with the bowling ball. After the demonstration, take a moment with one of our product specialists to learn more about the capabilities of BlackBox and BlackTrax today, and what's planned for tomorrow.

The patented BlackTrax system works using a proprietary very small IR LED beacon that is placed on the moving object(s). Movement is captured by cameras. BlackTrax delivers streaming highly accurate tracking information for what we like to call Six Degrees of Freedom – X, Y, and Z coordinates, plus inertial data for yaw, pitch and roll. BlackTrax monitors the velocity of the object(s) in motion, as well as giving important spatial relationships between objects and people in a 3D space. The system uniquely tags each beacon, on each moving object or person, so that each individual measurable set of data is discrete and completely distinguished from the next. BlackTrax monitors all of these parameters at a very high speed and with stunning accuracy.

BlackTrax has proven to work reliably even under the smokiest conditions on stage and uses redundant monitoring to track the people and objects you need to monitor. Should the line of sight be occluded (which is the primary mode of tracking), the inertial movement continues regardless and also provides X, Y, and Z parameters until the person(s) or object(s) come back into the line of sight.

This is one demonstration you won't want to miss. But wait, there's more!

r26-3dconnexion.jpgAlso on display will be the latest and greatest in plotting and previsualization software, wysiwyg R26, an overhauled and much stronger foundation with some impressive innovation. wysiwyg R26 is really virtually real, and this is a fact! R26 has been designed to give the user a better experience on many planes – with a heavy emphasis on Reports and Presentation.

New features in wysiwyg R26 include:

• Worksheets: Import/Export data from Excel (97,2000,2003,2007) & CSV

• Over 100 onboard spreadsheet calculations

• SmartCells: Use PRES Mode's new SmartCells to intelligently update your show data in both Reports and Worksheets

• Dimensions: Create clear & concise plots with the new radial and arc length dimension tools

• Frames simulate motion in 6 Degrees of Freedom

• Reports: Improved Reports tab makes it easier to create, customize, and maintain all of your show's vital information; Intelligent data filtering using Boolean queries

• Luminair App for iPad: A no-brainer for every production set;

Download fixture POV and DMX data to your iPod and now to your iPad. Plus R26 allows you to send Reports, Layouts and Worksheets as PDFs to the Luminair App.

R26 gives you a solid platform of spreadsheet tools, improving the data experience for you and improving efficiency in creating paperwork. R26 is also the international debut of some new essential dimensioning tools – radial dimensioning, arc length, and a new Protractor Tool. Our software development has also made developments in the virtual environment, adding the ability to use the 3Dconnexion mouse for true 3D flyovers in the Shaded View. With this unique 3D mouse users can pan, zoom and rotate as if they're holding the model in their hand. It's a level of control that's simply not possible with a traditional mouse and keyboard.

vivien.jpgFinally, CAST will be demonstrating its just released Vivien2011 - the most comprehensive event planning software tool for the entire spectrum of special event and meetings professionals.

Vivien goes beyond 2D floor plans by using Vivien's tools and wizards to make your ideas come to life in colourful 3D Virtual Views. Impress your clients by creating a virtual model of your event and instead of simply using a floor plan, sell your vision from all angles of the room, and produce colourful images that everyone can see and understand - before their event happens! Use Vivien's video tools and the new 3D mouse to capture your walk-through of your virtual event – without leaving your desk! See a sample at

In addition to an extensive list of new features, Vivien now works with the 3Dconnexion, mouse. As well, Vivien can be bundled on an existing wysiwyg dongle, saving wysiwyg Users time and money.

Vivien Library items are completely accurate and fully reliable. The Library, which grows with every new Release, comprises several-1000 tables & chairs, place settings, linens & drapery, all with virtually unlimited colours, styles and textures for every occasion, people, musical instruments, lights, gobos, etc. from all regions of the world, making it the only solution for truly international professionals. There are even Vivien people included.

What's more, Vivien's Library Additions include an extensive electronic catalogue of the hottest new manufacturer items from brands like CORT Event Furnishings – now with the new Lounge 22 line, Fantastic Backdrops, Rose Brand fabrics, and AFR furnishings. Vivien's partnership with the growing number of industry-renown manufacturers means its Users have instant access to key information about the newest, hottest items – essentially an electronic catalogue!

Our discipline and frequent additions means we deliver reality so your work can be really virtually real!

To read more about BlackTrax, wysiwyg R26 or Vivien2011, visit

CAST Software Ltd., 35 Ripley Avenue, Suite 1, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M6S 3P2. Tel: +1 416 597 2278. Fax: +1 416 597 9594. Email:

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