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Cast Previews Beta wysiwyg R28

For the first time in public at LDI, visitors got a sneak peek at Cast Software's Beta wysiwyg R28. Building on the breakneck speed, R28 offers these new features:

• Camera Paths: Draw a camera path in wysiwyg and play it back in Design or Live mode's 3D Shaded Views

• Sequential looks: Build looks in Design mode; store them, and play them back sequentially

• Improvements to LED and Media: wizard now has easier interface; split your images and apply them right onto Screens or LED walls

• Shutter Cut improvements: Adjust shutter cut with this new dialog box. Wrack a shutter sideways or lock shutter blades in Wireframe

• Device toolbar improvements: Easy to manage, connect and disconnect devices

Come and experience the live demonstrations – the future is here!

CAST also demonstrated Vivien2011 — an intuitive, comprehensive, easy-to-use software for the full spectrum of event professionals for planning, designing, selling & producing meetings and special events. Use Vivien's video tools to capture a walk-through of the virtual event. Vivien is also a fast concept tool for wysiwyg users – indeed, that's why we built the Vivien module that can be added to a wysiwyg dongle.

To read more about any of these products, visit

CAST Software Ltd., 35 Ripley Avenue, Suite 1, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M6S 3P2. Tel: +1 416 597 2278. Fax: +1 416 597 9594. Email: [email protected]

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