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Keeping stride with the successful launch of wysiwyg R23, CAST Software announces a series of “Times-R-Tight” promotions to equip professionals with better tools at better prices so they can perform better to get better projects. The industry is abuzz about R23 and CAST has just made wysiwyg much more attractive for new Users or life better for current Users.

German Lighting Designer Rolf Wenzel says, “The new Shaded View with the new footprints is even better than any render I have done in my entire life - I was blown away!" If I compared wysiwyg R23 to ESP (which requires Vectorworks) wysiwyg is superior in all respects and far more economic – easy choice.”

One thing the Beta Testers have agreed: that the last 3 wysiwyg Releases are CAST's biggest and best to date.

CAST keeps its Members and students up-to-date about promotions, news and inspiring stories of creative wysiwyg uses in its bi-monthly electronic newsletter, The PLAN. For the March 09 edition, just hot off the wires, visit The highly acclaimed PLAN is an industry newsletter brimming with technical info, production stories, pictures, Tips & Tricks and special benefits available for Members – all useful information for students and busy professionals.


In the Mar 09 PLAN, there is much information about the current release of wysiwyg R23 and its numerous upgrades:

• New Visualization Features

➢ Enhanced Beam Footprints

➢ Shadows and Soft Shadows

➢ Hot Spots

➢ Video Projection in Beams

➢ Improved Smoke Controls

➢ CamStudio (AVI Capturing Software)

• Improved Lighting Design Tools

➢ Footprint Focus

➢ Fixture POV

➢ Updated Designer Tools

➢ Ruler Tool

• Updated Library

➢ New Fixtures, Truss, Gobos, etc…

• Enhanced Security

➢ New Dongle Security System

• Product Changes

➢ Dongle-less Background Render Manager

➢ Updated Demo Product (Dongle-less Console Viewer)

…and much, much more.

But, times are tight right now.

“We're all feeling the pinch of the current financial crisis,” says Gil Densham, CEO of CAST Software, “but that only increases the importance of having the best tools at your disposal to stay ahead of the competition.”

In short, CAST offers 4 new economic measures — Times-R-Tight

For new Users:

• Save $800 → if you purchase wysiwyg Perform before 06 Apr 09 you pay $4199, including a 12-month membership!

• Save $300 when you purchase wysiwyg Report for $699 → ideal for students and entry-level customers (you can upgrade any time provided you are a Member)

For current Users with a current Membership:

• Save $800 → Members' upgrade from wysiwyg Design to Perform. You can upgrade before 06 Apr 09 and pay either $1899 for a straight upgrade or $2399 for a bundle deal that adds a 12-month Membership renewal

• Save $200 when a Member renews a wysiwyg Perform 12-month Membership at $999

Look for more details on CAST's website:

For more information or to download a wysiwyg R23 demo version – which is also a tremendously useful free tool for developers - imagine using using one of the 4 different custom-built demo files to demonstrate or learn consoles in showrooms, classrooms, testing labs, trade shows -- go to

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