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CAST Demonstrates BlackTrax 3D Cue Paths and Beta R28 at LDI 2011

CAST Demonstrates BlackTrax 3D Cue Paths and Beta R28 at LDI 2011

blacktrax-beacon2.jpgCAST has prepared two new demonstrations to be seen for the first time during LDI, 28-30 October at Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida at Booth 1135. Visitors will witness the 3D Cue Paths available in BlackTrax 3D, as well as a Beta version of wysiwyg R28.

CAST will demonstrate BlackTrax and its proprietary and revolutionary 3D Cue Paths for the first time in public during LDI. With these 3D Cue Paths you can create an entire move, as well as any series of moves, as easily as clicking a button to save each step.

With BlackTrax' proprietary unique tracking Beacons, the process of writing complex 3D movement paths is as easy as doing the actual movement that you want to take place while recording it. With the BlackTrax Beacon in hand, you can walk up to the stage, hold a unique Beacon up to the object that is to be in motion, and as it flies around, simply click a button on the Beacon to record the Beacon's exact position in 6D space - X, Y, Z, Roll, Pitch, and Yaw. Alternatively, attach the Beacon to yourself or a dancer and go through the steps. The result is paramount to changing the way that lighting designers write cues and create aerials in 3D. Literally, now you can record 3D Cue Paths using BlackTrax as simply by pushing a button -- and the 3D Cue Paths are completely customizable too, from their size to their shape, all in 3D, and all in the ease of wysiwyg.

The really excellent thing about all of these new crazy possibilities using 3D Cue Paths is that we've taken the complexity out creating them. What's more, 3D Cue Paths aren't just for lighting. Spatial audio, moving scenery, and anything that can connect to BlackBox or that receives BlackTrax positioning data can all respond to a 3D Cue Path. For example, imagine a hurricane sound effect you've been trying feverishly to master in your venue for the last 48 hours. BlackTrax will sense your 3D Cue Path as you spin around on the stage with a Beacon as wysiwyg records the spatial data. You can go back into wysiwyg and make that spiral 3D Cue Path the size of the venue you're in for the production, and apply spatial audio to the path. All done, simply, with BlackTrax. What's more, BlackTrax is spatially accurate down to the half-inch at fifty feet.

BlackTrax 3D is a fully operational, fully integrated, fully realtime tracking system. Using a new cutting edge proprietary LED-IR Beacon, which is worn or otherwise attached to an object or person, BlackTrax 3D uses special static motion capture cameras to accurately pinpoint and track the movements of each tagged object or person (or multiple objects or people) anywhere in the defined 3D space and then instantly stream dynamic positional data at over 150 frames per second to external devices like lighting, automation, media servers, and for the first time in the world, spatial audio.

In addition, CAST will be also be demonstrating wysiwyg R27, released this summer, which is now up to five times faster in Shaded Views across all views. R27 also has improved the Attribute Layout system to be more user friendly, allowing users to customize the patch, channel, gobo, and other markers for each fixture. It also has a new Image Manager system for managing images in your wysiwyg files. Use it to add, delete, replace and/or edit textures, renders and other images.

Also for the first time in public, visitors will get a sneak peek at Beta wysiwyg R28. Building on the breakneck speed, R28 offers these new features:

• Camera Paths: Draw a camera path in wysiwyg and play it back in Design or Live mode's 3D Shaded Views

• Sequential looks: Build looks in Design mode; store them, and play them back sequentially

• Improvements to LED and Media: wizard now has easier interface; split your images and apply them right onto Screens or LED walls

• Shutter Cut improvements: Adjust shutter cut with this new dialog box. Wrack a shutter sideways or lock shutter blades in Wireframe

• Device toolbar improvements: Easy to manage, connect and disconnect devices

Come and experience the live demonstrations – the future is here!

CAST will be also demonstrating Vivien2011 -- an intuitive, comprehensive, easy-to-use software for the full spectrum of event professionals for planning, designing, selling & producing meetings and special events. Use Vivien's video tools to capture a walk-through of the virtual event. Vivien is also a fast concept tool for wysiwyg users – indeed, that's why we built the Vivien module that can be added to a wysiwyg dongle.

To read more about any of these products, or for information about wysiwyg workshops at LDI, visit

For LDI show hours and directions, visit

CAST Software Ltd., 35 Ripley Avenue, Suite 1, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M6S 3P2. Tel: +1 416 597 2278. Fax: +1 416 597 9594. Email: [email protected].

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