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CAST BlackBox Granted International Patent

CAST BlackBox Granted International Patent

blackbox_logo.jpgCAST Software of Toronto, Canada has received confirmation of International Patent PCT/CA2009/001225 for its BlackBox system and method for realtime environment tracking and coordination – and thereby this filing conforms with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in Switzerland.

This international patent filing for BlackBox is in addition to the filing #12/421,343 in the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

BlackBox is the world's first combination of hardware + positioning + interconnecting + communicating + speed. It uses a new proprietary “CAD-type” software which defines the parameter (establishing “0”0”0”). Through the realtime positioning, BlackBox receives and converts live positional data about any/many moving objects, establishes the exact 6D positions of those objects, computes instructions in XYZ, plus yaw, pitch and roll terms, and shoots out moving positional information so moving lights, set pieces, spatial sound, media servers, robotic cameras, etc. are synchronized and tracking to the action of those moving objects, all at a speed of 50 Hz.

Bruce Freeman, Chairman of CAST Software comments: “The design is plug-and-play – the brilliance is that production technologies and controllers that couldn't before can NOW talk to each other – the speed is realtime!”

For the highly automated, hi-tech entertainment industry in particular, using BlackBox means that formerly autonomous technologies can work together as one, live and in realtime, in both dynamic and pre-programmed ways. It means a better coordination of a production, in addition to no more missed cues or potential collisions.

BlackBox will be demonstrated during LDI in Booth 636, November 20-22 at Orange County Convention Center in Orlando.

For more information about CAST Software products, visit

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