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California Dreams of G-LEC Solaris+

California Dreams of G-LEC Solaris+

g-lec_dps_solaris_concert_low.jpg G-LEC's Solaris+ is making its West Coast debut with Digitalsound Production Services (DPS), a rental and production company based in Los Angeles.

DPS provides event production solutions for everything from live concert to corporate gatherings to exclusive parties and AV designer and owner Anthony Dever is excited about the product's potential in all sectors: “Solaris+ is a lighting designer's dream. Its flexibility and creativity really sets it apart from other products – and so sets us apart from other production companies. It gives me the edge with potential clients, because its unique design enables me to customize it to any event we do.”

The Solaris+ LED system brings eye catching video and graphics effects to any event, giving the audience a 360° view of images or messages. Comprising ‘ropes' of 40mm diameter LED balls, which can be hung in line or in groups for maximum effect, Solaris+ is ideal for low resolution video screens, innovative 3D light chases and fantastic light shows. Completely flexible, the ropes can be up to 8m in length, and curved or wound into any shape. With Solaris+, each LED unit is individually driven via a DVI video signal, and such freedom offers lighting and event designers an enormous range of possibilities.

DPS has already used Solaris+ for several corporate events and Dever is thrilled with the result: “It did everything I expected and more. People kept asking about it and I think both the corporate and the live event concert markets will grab onto this product.”

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