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Buzz from the Production Managers

Well, the BSMCs have come to a close. What a ride! The new space at the Tisch School at NYU proved to be just the ticket for more space, better layout potential for the sponsors, and a fantastic crew. Our compliments to Chris Jaehnig, Leighton Mitchell, Gary Brown, and the really hard-working student crew for all of their help and support during the load-in, classes, and especially the load-out. Having such great support system made our job that much easier.

One of our main goals this year was to create a manufacturer's showcase that the students really spent some quality time in. From looking at the showcase and in talking to the vendors, it appears that was accomplished. Everyone really liked the new layout for this very reason.

Kathy and I would really like to thank all of the companies for their tremendous support and cooperation. We would like to give a special menton to mention to Richard Bugg of LCS, for his efforts. He not only created a switching system that gave all of the console manufacturers the opportunity to run audio through their consoles, but in the upstairs classroom space he made sure that every word of wisdom could be easily heard.

We are very happy to be back at the BSMCs working with our friends at Live Design magazine as well as all of the manufacturers , students, as well as all the freinds that we get to catch up with at the classes.

Now its on to the Broadway Lighting Master classes!

Michael and Kathy Eddy

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