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Built for Speed at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

Built for Speed at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

Abu Dhabi Grand PrixArising from an initial contact made at the recent PLASA show in London, the Middle East's leading stage and set rental company, IBS Decor, commissioned Litestructures to design a hospitality unit for Mubadala, Ferrari's official race sponsor at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. The IBS design concept called for a structure shaped to read as 'F1' when viewed from one side. This required a complex design as it necessitated the use of reverse angles of up to 70 degrees to achieve the desired profile. Measuring 14m long x 7.5m wide, and with a height of 6m, this was a substantial project, for which we chose LitePro390-4 truss elements, which were then clad to give the best cosmetic appearance. Taking just 3 weeks from concept to completion, Litestructures, no strangers to the world of Formula 1, showed a winning turn of speed. Interestingly, the same structure has since been used for an exhibition in Dubai with IBS's Alan Scoley commenting that “it was a pleasure to work alongside Litestructures. A lot of hard work and effort were put into the project to meet the tight deadline. It all went together like a glove sliding on to your hand".

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