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BSMC Kicks Off With A Bang

BSMC Kicks Off With A Bang

The ninth annual Broadway Sound Master Classes got underway on Friday, May 21 with a performance of American Idiot at the St. James Theatre. About 90 of us got the opportunity to see the show and then stay for a post show discussion with the show's sound designer, Brian Ronan, and his mixer, Dave "Digs" Dignazio.


L to R: Dignazio, Ronan, and Gallagher at the post-show discussion.

The group was treated to a chat with the show's musical director/conductor Carmel Dean, and its star, Tony Award winner John Gallagher, Jr. Turns out Gallagher is something of a sound geek, thanks to his father's longtime interest in audio.

Check out our interiews with Brian Ronan here and with Dave Dignazio here.

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