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BSMC Day Two

BSMC Day Two

In spite of a rainy New York Sunday, spirits were high at the second day of the BSMC. The morning sessions kicked off with Bob McCarthy, winner of one of this year's Sound Products awards for his book, Sound Systems: Design and Optimization, who discussed the ins and outs of system design. In fact, a dozen lucky people won copies of his book, a "must-have" sound designer tool, in a drawing during the manufacturers showcase.

bsmc_mccarthy.jpgBob McCarthy discusses System Design in his BSMC session.

The second session featured sound designer Dan Moses Schreier, who brought two very special guests, renowned Broadway orchestrator Jonathan Tunick and noted musical director Paul Gemignani. They entertained a lively discussion about the collaboration of the three disciplines as well as the size of the orchestra—well actually the diminishing size of the orchestra on Broadway in general (with exceptions such as the current Lincoln Center Theatre revival of South Pacific). It was quite something to see this triumvirate in conversation, discussing the challenges of sound for Broadway musicals, including the rehearsal process, who decides on the size and composition of the orchestra, the role of technology in how the orchestra sounds (the more natural the better...) and other challenges. It was an extremely interesting angle!

bsmc_panel.jpgFrom left to right: Broadway orchestrator Jonathan Tunick, sound designer Dan Moses Schreier, and acclaimed music director Paul Gemignani, being introduced by Live Design's David Johnson before the session "Sound Designers Collaborating With and Working with the Music Director and the Orchestrator."

The day continued with sessions by Steve Sockey from SIA Acoustics and John Taylor of d+b, with the closing event a casual Q&A with Abe Jacob. As the sound manufacturers loaded out their gear, everyone promised to be back next year for the 2009 edition of the BSMC or to see one another later this week for the Projection Master Classes or the BLMC which continue through May 22.

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