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It's early on Saturday morning, May 20, and we're here at NYU's Tisch School of the Arts, where the 4th Annual Broadway Sound Master Classes has just gotten underway. I had the pleasure of introducing our faculty chair and godfather of all things sound related, Mr. Abe Jacob. He's doing his always engaging introduction to the art of theatre sound design, and then he's turning the mic over to Rick Thomas, professor of sound design at Purdue University, who's speaking on the topic of "What's Being Taught About Sound Design in the University." Many of the corporate sponsors are already here, setting up for the manufacturers' showcase this afternoon, including Richarg Bugg of LCS, Todd Meier and Steve Bush of Meyer Sound Labs, Howard Kaufman from Lectrosonics, Bill Cornell from d&b audiotechnik, Robin Whitaker from Outboard, and Bob Quinones from Yamaha.

I'm probably jinxing myself, but this has been the smoothest run BSMC yet. Credit for that must go in large part to Kathy and Michael Eddy, who are serving as production managers for the Live Design Master Classes this year. I also need to praise the staff here at NYU, particularly Chris Jaehning and his gang, for all their help.

I'm going to try and grab some of the manufacturers once they''ve gotten set up and eaten their bagels and plop them in front of this computer to provide you all with pearls of wisdom from the world of theatre sound. As the day progresss, you'll also be hearing from students and faculty as well.

Back soon....

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