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Bruce Lehnus Joins the Staff of Candela Controls as a Lighting Control Specialist

Bruce Lehnus Joins the Staff of Candela Controls as a Lighting Control Specialist

Bruce Lehnus - Lighting Control SpecialistOur current growth requires us to bring in a creative expert in the field of Lighting & Lighting Control, said Steve Helliker.

WINTER GARDEN, FLORIDA (June 25, 2010) Candela Controls, Inc. is proud to announce that Bruce Lehnus has joined the Winter Garden, Florida based team as a Lighting Control Specialist. Bruce began his career in theatre, but rather then backstage, he was on-stage. But Bruce saw the writing on the wall and as an actor, he knew he wasn't all that good; but he has always also had in interest in the technical aspects of theater. In particular, the lighting and lighting control in the theater. It was at this point that he found out he could actually make a living working with the lights and control. It was a good thing too, as Bruce has helped the lighting industry over his 30+ years.

Throughout his undergraduate education at Wichita State University (in his hometown of Wichita, KS) and his graduate education at the University of Texas in Austin; Bruce worked hundreds of stage shows. This experience not only encompassed the productions the university was doing, but it would also include any touring group that used that venue. This ran a wide range of shows, from Ozzy Osborne to the Houston Grand Opera.

Upon completing his college education, Bruce had the good fortune of working on a number of venues on the east coast, including, but not limited to, the Dogwood Dell in Richmond VA and The Virginia Opera.

It was a phone call from a friend that led him to his next venture, and it would change his career direction. He was asked if he was available for a one week gig in upstate NY; that lasted five full years. It was at the State University of New York in Purchase, NY that he served those five years as the Master Electrician for a four theatre performing arts complex. This complex produced over 500 performances a year; hosting many events such as the international showcase, Pepsico Summerfare. When he wasn't working on any particular show, he spent his time developing a theater electrical lighting course aptly named How to be an Electrician, not a Designer.

Bruce knows how hectic a constant theater schedule can be, and he felt it was time to consider working on the commercial side of the industry. His next step was BMI Supply in Queesnsbury, NY where he spent 5 years in sales and field service. After a god career at BMI, he decided he would like to work directly for a manufacturer, and he moved on to Electronic Theatre Controls (ETC) where he worked in Technical Support, as well as the Entertainment Controls Product Manager (he worked on developing Obsession, Expression, ETCNet2 and Emphasis software)for another 5 years. His last stop, prior to coming to Candela, was with Martin Professional as a specialist with the Maxxyz Controller, Trade Show Manager, and Technical Writer.

Bruce currently resides in Jacksonville, FL with his lovely significant other Anita and their two dogs; D.O.G. (pronounced Dē-ō-ḡ) and L.C. (el-see).

ABOUT - Candela Controls has been providing excellence in lighting system engineering, integration, installation and service for over 11 years and for more than 240 individual projects ranging from small theaters to some of the largest hotels in the nation. They also provide unparalleled assistance to the same markets and have serviced more than 110 systems installed by others.

Today, Candela Controls, with nearly 150 years of industry experience on staff, continues to build upon its solid reputation of high-quality installations and value engineering. From start to finish each project worked on is carried out with design, value and safety, in mind. The Candela Controls team works very closely with owners, users, architects, consultants and contractors, throughout the design and construction process, with the goal of informing and educating all parties in order to realize the best value and solution possible.

Candela Controls, Inc., 751 Business Park Boulevard, Suite 101, Winter Garden, Florida, 34787, P.407.654.2420, F.407.654.4757,

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