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Bruce and Barack

Bruce and Barack

grant_park_20.jpgLast night's historic spectacle in Grant Park, in which Barack Obama claimed victory as the next President of the United States, featured a simple design by Bruce Rodgers, the same man who designed the Democratic National Convention. The monochromatic stage--a muted blue, no doubt symbolizing the blue states, was punctuated by a veritable sea of American flags, which were not only lined up on the stage but were also handed out to the tens of thousands of supporters who filled the park, in all shapes and sizes. As Rodgers had explained at the Projection Master Classes in Vegas last month, the flag idea had been something of a last minute but particularly effective addition to Obama's acceptance speech in Denver, and it was apparent that they wanted to continue that look for last night's celebration.

Many of those flags were provided by Chicago Scenic Studios, who were one of a group of companies who helped put the event together. CSSI supplied the main stage and backing walls, as well as the lection, a last minute detail of the event.


Bob Peterson did the lighting design and Emmett Belliveau with the Obama Campaign and the Obama Campaign with 'C3Presents' produced the event

Says Rodgers: "The night was huge and important and humble and uplifting and hopeful and awesome."

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