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As most of you know, the annual LDI show is always a feast for the eyes and ears since there's so much new technology to see at the many booths. However, prior to the show getting underway this morning, new technology came to me while I was at the Live Design booth. I spied a gentleman walking around with what looked like a bouquet of blue Christmas lights. It was Ian Phillips with Soundsculpture who was demonstrating the power of the company's new product, the RC4Wireless.

The Soundsculpture booth is in the back of the massive Orlando County Convention Center while the spacious Live Design booth is at the front door. As any of you who have been to one of these shows knows, these convention centers are HUGE. But as far away as Ian was from the RC4's home base, the blue LEDs were sparkling away, which I thought was really cool (why won't my wireless print server work as well in the same room with my laptop at home?). "Technology is getting smarter as opposed to more powerful," Ian told me, further explaining that the RC4 Wireless uses technology that spreads out the signal much wider than before.

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