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Bonde turns GLP Impressions into Bullet Beams

Bonde turns GLP Impressions into Bullet Beams

Bullet For My Valentine Touring at the sharp end, GLP's heads are fast, quick and practical

Welsh rockers Bullet for my Valentine recently finished a club tour across the US which saw them taking in the breadth of the country with a tightly packed schedule.

Lighting Designer Christian Bonde knew that with lots of travelling, short load in and out times — and no certainty of the house gear each day — that he needed to bring fixtures that would be bright, fast, easy to rig, and take up next to no space in one of the two bus trailers they had (which also had to take backline, audio, wardrobe and merchandising).

Christian decided that the GLP impression fitted the bill perfectly and took eight as the main part of his system for the show (moving up to ten for the European leg). He commented, “The impressions were perfect — plug and play, just as I like them. This meant I could rig and de-rig them easily by myself if the local crew were busy with the extensive backline we carry, and being so small and light, the cases took up little capacity in the trailer – which made the band very happy!”

In view of the impressions' compact size, no scaling was necessary and all eight heads were used at every show — whether the venue was a small, 1200-capacity club (or something twice the size).

On top of the practical advantages, the fixtures had to perform, of course, to which Christian commented, “When it came to show time the Impressions cut through with bright beams and bright colors. They really looked great, and their response speed was fantastic.” As for the tough schedule the band had laid down, “I didn't get a single problem from any of the fixtures, they were more than capable of handling it,” Christian added. “Although this tour was the first time I had used the GLP fixtures, it certainly won't be the last.”

This leg was part of the band's world tour which will see them diving straight into the next leg — the European summer music festivals.

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