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So, apparently, I'm supposed to blog more. It's something I've neglected to do over the last few months, partly because I hesitate to think anyone cares what I have to say, and also because, well, we keep pretty busy putting out a print magazine each month. I'm trying to commit, so keep an eye on the Live Blog for more content. For now, I'll just babble for a bit...

Tomorrow, I'm headed to Philly to attend an event Barco is doing in conjunction with Comast to unveil a swanky new huge LED display in the lobby of the Comcast Center they are billing as "the world's highest resolution LED display." More on that later in the week. They were showing some previews at Infocomm of what we can expect, and the content alone looked fantastic.

Lighting designer Marc Janowitz has been touring for a while with My Morning Jacket (and I'll admit, I was not familiar with the band when he started), so it's nice to see they're getting some great play in entertainment news:

And rest in peace, Adam Steyh, a member of the Las Vegas lighting community who passed away Saturday. Details here:

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